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September 22, 2009
Sewer line causing a mess

The main sewer line between Fourth Street and Fifth Street from Utah Avenue to Elm Street is the old clay tar paper pipe in sections, separating at the joints, letting tree roots and debris block the flow of sewage. The blockage is a real problem to homeowners in the area. Seven basements were flooded with raw sewage between Feb. 21 and March 2, 2009. The night of March 2, public works was called in because of such sewage backup. They used high pressure water force to clean the blockage in the main line. This caused major flooding in basements. Why not use a snake auger as other cities do? City officials say there is nothing wrong with this line. Thousands of dollars in damage and cleanup costs occur with each flooding with raw sewage. Our basement has been flooded three times in the last 10 years due to the main sewer line blockage and clearing of said line. Cleanup crews gutted our basement during the March 2 flooding and left it that way. No-fault insurance pays for the cleanup, not the damage to our property as the cost exceeds the nofault insurance. Homeowner’s insurance won’t pay as it’s a main sewer line problem (city). The city’s insurance says there isn’t a problem with the main sewer line in this area. Just ask the homeowners of Fourth and Fifth streets and Utah Avenue and Elm Street.

Deedie Reed


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