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March 1, 2005
Sewer project a big stink

Recently the Stockton sewer project has just simply gone to the crapper. This is one of those rare times when both sides of an issue are right and both sides are wrong.

I’m in favor of a sewer system in Stockton. Anyone with half a brain can figure that one out based on growth in the town and the lack of the environment’s ability to naturally deal with the ground saturation.

However, the process was undertaken improperly, with aggressive and threatening attitudes leaving the community feeling like decisions had been forced upon them, which is always a frightening situation. Of course the town would initially vote down this poorly presented lack of planning and information.

Now, we’ve reached a point where both sides of the issue are sending anonymous letters throughout the community, filled with specious and embarrassing claims of impropriety on both sides of the issue. “The mayor lied to the city” and “One of the council members is benefiting from the absence of the sewer system.”

I know Dan Rydalch and I know the kind of man he is. To suggest he had ulterior motives for voting down the sewer system is simply absurd. Saying anything otherwise simply demonstrates the level of desperation the proponents of the sewer project have reached. The proponents are saying that an informal vote called for the sewer project to be completed. Hey folks … a poll is not a vote. My door certainly wasn’t knocked on, nor was there a “ballot” taped to my door. The means of information gathering is highly dubious at best. Then it’s printed in an anonymous letter that three of the four council members acted inappropriately in some fashion, questioning their motives for voting against the sewer.

Of course, because the mayor’s home is allowed to share one septic tank for two homes is also an issue. That’s as it should be as some day there will be future owners of that home that will likely have problems. Maybe the question should be raised as to why the mayor was given a variance where others are not? I mean, if I have to go through the hassle of getting a permit for a water heater and being without hot water for three days because the permit wasn’t granted, I’d think the variance of a buried septic tank would be a more significant issue, right?

Stockton is a great little town, one I’m proud to live in. I know most of my neighbors, and am sickened to see cousins and nephews, in-laws and other relations speaking ill of their relatives on both sides. An error has been made; that’s not call for ridiculous claims of impropriety on both sides.

Both sides should simply be ashamed of themselves. I’m absolutely in favor of the sewer project. We need it. But making false accusations, casting shadows over persons I consider above reproach, calling polls a “vote,” and creating a chasm in the community is not the means of getting it done. Right now, Stockton is full of crap. And putting in a sewer ain’t gonna clean it up.

Each side owes the other an apology, in my view. Get off your high horses and repair the damage done to the community.

Douglas Spotted Eagle

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