Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

April 5, 2005
Shame on you, and thanks

This letter is for Louise Curtis who wrote a letter in the March 29 issue about painting over the new church in town. Shame, shame, shame on you. If the colors of a building are the only excuse you have for not attending church, then you my friend have bigger problems than a bucket of paint.

Our house of worship was over 70 miles one way. Now that we moved, it’s about 100 miles. I could have used the excuse that getting up two hours early with kids was a bigger pain than it was worth, but we did it. When the construction started my mother brought up the concerns of getting into an accident, so I must admit we have not gone to the “building” for a while.

Our place of worship has been in an ugly-colored chicken coop with baby chicks learning about the ark and in the green, bug-covered fields while talking about the valley of death and heaven. Another time it was in the middle of a brown and muddy manure-covered horse pasture teaching my son about the miracle of life while our horse delivered a baby. Within minutes of delivering, the lesson changed to the beautiful colors of the rainbow as a full one formed over the pasture and why God created the rainbow and its meaning.

The word of God is a gift and can come in many shapes and colors! The devil can also give you the gift of sight. Don’t let the sight of rust red, apricot and barf green to keep you from receiving the greater gift. It is a house of worship, fellowship and the gift of God!

Because of your letter, I’m going to find out what time services are and start attending till the construction is over. I pray you look into your heart and to God to see the colors as they were meant to be and attend Sunday services. I would love to worship with you. Thank you so very much for giving me my lesson for today. You have pulled my heart to this church. I know it holds great things for me and my family. I’m willing to share if you’re willing to come too.

Karen Davis

Seventh Day Adventist

Rush Valley

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