Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

November 4, 2012
Sheriff needs questioning

It is no secret that shady things have been going on at our own sheriff’s office for some time now, but no one has spoken up until now. The sheriff has been employing his friends for years. Many have retired just to be hired back with great pay and benefits. It is no secret that Frank Park has also been promoting his friends to higher positions within the department. What about the person that advanced from deputy to lieutenant in one fell swoop? What about the former jail commander that retired and after a year returned to earn sergeant’s wages? What about that special edition Chevy Tahoe that Park got himself right after his last re-election? What about getting another new special edition Chevy Tahoe right after getting the first, but this time in a different color? Or how about his last chief deputy that had to abruptly retire? As for this jail debacle, we voted Park in again and we will pay for it long after he’s gone. I would like to say that despite the things mentioned, the deputies as a whole are some of the finest law enforcement officers I know. They have the wherewithal to achieve great things, but even some of them will tell you under their breath that none of this will happen under this sheriff and his administration.

Michael Morris

Stansbury Park

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