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December 18, 2012
Shocked by district salaries

It looks like the school board here is certainly distributing the wealth around. The photographs and wage index posted by the Transcript-Bulletin regarding our extremely talented and brilliant school district administrators (“District’s top earners saw pay rise in 2012,” Dec. 11) have been posted on our refrigerator door so that we can be reminded who these people are and what their generous salaries represent. Admittedly, I have never consciously observed any of these folks, as my choice of retail establishment purchases and excursions to town normally are limited between Deseret Industries and the dollar store where citizens of my ilk tend to gather, nor do any reside in near proximity to us in our very modest neighborhood. A million bucks for the top 10. Wow. My few dealings in the past with folks who represent that much wealth have just about always been much less than adequate. I remember stammering and stuttering when posed with queries directed by individuals of similar position, and feeling the overwhelming desire to stare between my feet whilst shuffling helplessly from side to side. We are indeed blessed to have such extraordinarily capable folks tending the nest here. I have often reflected upon how such prominent people are received when they report to the hereafter? Does St. Peter let them in at the head of the line? Are they allowed to wear gold brocades on their epaulets? And they got a raise in 2012.

Ralph E. Pierce


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