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image SWAT teams move in to enter a home near Stansbury Elementary where shots were reportedly fired Tuesday, which caused neighboring Stansbury Elementary, as well Rose Springs Elementary and Stansbury High School, to go on lock down.

December 3, 2013
Shooting locks down Stansbury schools

Editor’s note: This incident occurred right as today’s issue of the Transcript-Bulletin was going to press. Consequently, many details were not available at press time. More in-depth coverage will be included in Thursday’s edition.

All three Stansbury Park schools were locked down early Tuesday afternoon after gun shots were reportedly fired nearby.

The schools were placed on lockdown around 12:15 p.m. after shots were reportedly heard from a home at 745 Country Club, which is located about a block away from Stansbury Elementary School. Police blocked off the area and evacuated residents in the block, as well as behind the home.

Because it was unknown what was occurring inside the home, and if the reported shots were in relation to a domestic dispute, suicide attempt or other situation, officers did not enter the house immediately. An entry robot from the Tooele City Police Department was brought in to see if there was a threat to officers entering the home.

The Tooele County SWAT Team next entered the home, dressed in armor and holding weapons and shields at the ready. No shots were heard and the SWAT Team came out soon after and the scene was declared to be contained.

Residents on the street were allowed back into their homes and the lockdown was lifted soon after at about 1:30 p.m. However, at 3 p.m. the street remained closed to traffic.

As of press time, the condition of the person, and the person’s identity, were unconfirmed. Lt. Travis Scharmann of the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office, said no details about the incident were being released to media at press time.

Officers from the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office, Tooele City Police Department, Grantsville City Police Department and Utah Highway Patrol responded to the incident.

During the lockdown, students being bused in for afternoon kindergarten were taken to Overlake Elementary School until the lockdown was lifted. All students already at school were prohibited from leaving, even if their parents had come to pick them up.

Chelsea Dorrance got a text from her daughter, a Stansbury High School student, about the lockdown, and drove to Stansbury Elementary School with her son instead of putting him on the bus for afternoon kindergarten. Another daughter, a fourth-grade student at SES, was in a portable building but not allowed to leave with her, Dorrance said.

Dorrance said although the incident only happened near schools, rather than directed at them, she still felt shaken because of the recent bouts of school violence around the country.

“I just got over Newtown [Conn. shooting] and now this. I wasn’t even involved in that one,” she said.

One thought on “Shooting locks down Stansbury schools

  1. Ugh.. overreaction from the schools. Why lock down schools a mile away? My 1st grader is being subjected to “bad man at the school” drills, where they all huddle like scared rabbits in the corners of the classrooms. How does that make them any safer in a real incident? It’s just making the world seem like a scarier place than it really is. She comes home crying and has nightmares for weeks.

    I’m sorry about the man taking his own life, that’s really sad.

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