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February 7, 2017
Show your love

As Valentine’s Day approaches and we start to think about love and hearts, let me suggest that you show your love with kidneys, lungs and liver as well. You may be wondering how that works. Currently, almost 800 people in Utah are waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant. A simple yes on your driver license or state ID card shows the love to those waiting. If there is not a yes on your license or ID card, registering online at is quick and easy.

Of the 800 people in Utah waiting for a transplant, 30 are under the age of 18! How about considering donating a few dollars on your Utah State Tax return to the Kurt Oscarson Children’s Organ Transplant Account? This Fund helps finance transplant related costs for children under the age of 18, and can make a huge difference to families struggling to meet the medical needs for their child.  It’s easy to contribute. Just look for Part 4 – Voluntary Contributions code 03 on your Utah state tax form. Consider a small donation. Even just $10 multiplied by a lot of taxpayers will make a big difference in a number of children’s lives.

Working for Intermountain Donor Services, I have met people whose lives were saved through donation. I have also met families who have found comfort knowing their loved one saved lives. So, during this time of year when we typically think hearts and taxes, please expand that thinking to other organs and voluntary contributions.

Dixie Madsen,
Public Education Manager

Intermountain Donor Services

Salt Lake City

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