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image Stansbury’s Jaden Torgerson sprints to victory in the 800-meter run Thursday at Stallion Stadium. Grantsville’s Colin Arave finished second and Tooele’s Thomas Wright placed third.

May 13, 2014
SHS boys nab Region 11 crown

Blazing fast sprinters helped Stansbury boys run away with the Region 11 track title Friday at Stallion Stadium.

Stansbury swept the first four finishes in both the 100-meter dash and the 200 meters, and captured the 4×100 and the 4×400 to help pile up 169 points at the meet.

Grantsville finished second in boys competition with 63 points, followed by Tooele 42, Bear River 38 and Ben Lomond 21.

The Lady Bears won the girls meet with 121 points, followed by Stansbury  87, Tooele 59, Grantsville 41 and Ben Lomond 25.

“You never expect to finish one through four, especially in the sprints when races can come down to 100th of a second, but we were pleased to be able to do that in both the 100 and 200,” said Stansbury coach Steve Allen.

“We knew we were strong and deep on the boys side, the hard thing when it comes to the state meet is that it’s the best against the best going at each other, so depth may not help quite as much as at a region meet,” the coach said.

“We’ve been working hard with both the boys and the girls to have them believe in the work they have done, believe in each other and trust they will do their best. We don’t want them to worry about what anybody else does or says, it just comes down to giving their best in the moment.”

Grantsville coach Traci Stevens said her team performed about the way she thought it would. The Cowboys’ situation is opposite than Stansbury’s.

“We don’t have the depth to make an impact on the region level, but at the state level we have a few top athletes who will score points,” she said. “We did have some pleasant surprises at region with freshmen, Kalli Hammond, throwing three feet farther in the shot put than she ever has. Tanner Reiley also was very good in his two throwing events the shot and the discus. Natalie Hurst gave a great effort in the sprints. The rest performed about how we expected.”

Tooele coach Al Bottema was pleased with his athletes. He said there always are a few disappointments.

“We had some great performances from many of our athletes. Our most pleasant surprises were from Kaitlyn Bresee in the 3200 with a fourth-place finish and a PR of 30 seconds over her previous best,” Bottema said.

“Sean York finished fourth in the long jump and qualified for state. Tiffanee Bird had a great meet qualifying for state in the long jump and as part of the girls medley relay. Hurdler Meagan Alvarez ran a PR in both hurdle events and qualified for state in the 300 hurdles and part of the medley relay team. Thomas Wright recorded his fastest ever 400 and 800 meter times and qualified for state by finishing third in a strong field of 800 meter contestants.

Brindisy Russell had the fastest women’s 400 meter time in Region 11 this year. Her second-place time of 58.71 seconds was nearly a full second faster than her previous best.

Paris Stewart showed her strength in the discus with a first-place finish and a throw of 99 feet, 2 inches.


Girls 1600

1. Kasandra Nordgren 5 minutes, 28.44 seconds, SHS 2. Maggie Beazer, SHS 5. Emma Bradfield, SHS

Boys 1600

1. Colin Arave, 4 minutes, 26.81 seconds, GHS 2. Tanner Jensen, SHS 3. Piercen Maez, SHS

Girls 100 Hurdles

1. Hailey Stevens, 16.20 seconds, GHS 3. Amber Haskell, THS 4. Melody Callister, THS

Boys 110 Hurdles

2. Nathan Spilker, SHS 3. Nathan Pollman, THS 4. Zach Adair, SHS 5. Jarom Spilker, SHS

Girls 100

4. Madie Alvey, SHS 5. Shelbi Shields, SHS

Boys 100

1. Dallon Didericksen, 10.93 seconds, SHS 2. Zayne Anderson, SHS 3. Landon Stice, SHS 4. Toto Nyarugbo, SHS 5. Conner Collings, GHS

Girls 400

2. Brindisy Russell, THS 3. Madie Alvey

Boys 400

1. Tyler Jensen, 50.79 seconds 2. Chris Bonner, THS 3. Casey Roberts, SHS 4. Sam Garcia, SHS 5. Thomas Wright, THS

Girls 300 Hurdles

2. Melody Callister, THS 3. Megan Alvarez, THS 5. Kenya Russell, THS

Boys 300 Hurdles

2. Nathan Spilker, SHS 3. Zack Adair, SHS 5. Nathan Dale, SHS

Girls 800

2. Kasandra Nordgren, SHS 3. Maggie Beazer, SHS 5. Brindisy Russell, THS

Boys 800

1. Jaden Torgerson, 2 minutes, 0.99 seconds, SHS 2. Colin Arave, GHS 3. Thomas Wright, THS 4. Hunter Hoffman, SHS 5. Tanner Jensen, SHS

Girls 200

4. Madie Alvey, SHS 5. Natalie Hurst, GHS

Boys 200

1. Dallon Didericksen, 22.00 seconds, SHS 2. Zayne Anderson, SHS 3. Tyler Jensen, SHS 4. Toto Nyarugbo, SHS 5. Chris Bonner, THS

Girls Sprint Medley

2. Stansbury 3. Tooele 5. Grantsville

Boys Sprint Medley

1. Stansbury, 3 minutes, 44.27 seconds (Dallon Didericksen, Zayne Anderson, Tyler Jensen, Tanner Jensen) 2. Grantsville 5. Tooele

Girls 3200

1. Kasandra Nordgren, 12 minutes, 25.15, SHS seconds 2. Maggie Beazer, SHS 4. Kaitlyn Bresee, THS

Boys 3200

1. Colin Arave, 10 minutes, 8.81 seconds 2. Tanner Jensen, SHS 4. Piercen Maez, SHS 5. Taylor Graves, SHS

Girls 4×100

2. Tooele 3. Stansbury

Boys 4×100

1. Stansbury, 42.87 seconds (Dallon Didericksen, Tyler Jensen, Zayne Anderson, Landon Stice) 2. Grantsville 3. Tooele

Boys 4×400

1. Stansbury, 3 minutes, 33.66 seconds (Casey Roberts, Jake Graves, Sam Garcia, Jaden Torgerson) 2. Tooele 5. Grantsville

Girls 4×400

2. Tooele 3. Stansbury 5. Grantsville

Boys High Jump

1. Landon Stice, 6 feet, 0 inches, SHS 3. Hyrum Brunsdale, THS 4. Marcus Bunn, THS 5. Nathan Pollman, THS

Girls High Jump

1. Jennifer Christensen, 5 feet, 3 inches, GHS 2. Hailey Stevens, GHS 5. Brynn Knight, GHS

Boys Long Jump

1. Landon Stice, 19 feet, 09.25 inches 2. Conner Collings, GHS 3. Allen Sneed, THS 4. Sean York, THS 5. Nathan Ault, GHS

Girls Long Jump

2. Hailey Stevens, GHS 4. Tiffanee Bird, THS 5. Madie Alvey, SHS

Boys Shot Put

2. Tanner Reilley, GHS 4. Cade Coon, GHS 5. Bryan Castro, THS

Girls Shot Put

2. Kalli Hammond, GHS 3. Hailey Durfee, GHS 5. Amanda Hamatake, GHS

Boys Discus

1. Cade Coon, 145 feet, 5 inches, GHS 2. Torrin Hodges, SHS 3. Tanner Reiley, GHS 5. Jarom Gleed, GHS

Girls Discus

1. Paris Stewart, 99 feet, 2 inches, THS 2. Bailey Wilson, SHS 3. Katie Hyland, SHS

Boys Javelin

1. Gage Manzione, 161 feet, 8 inches, SHS 2. Sean York, THS 3. Josh Griffeth, SHS 4. Torrin Hodges, SHS 5. Alfonzo Gonzales, GHS

Girls Javelin

1. Bailey Wilson, 99 feet, 4 inches, SHS 2. Jocelyn Duncan, THS 4. Katy Flint, SHS 5. Morgan Hinton, THS

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