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August 19, 2014
Silent weapon

With all the controversy going on about putting fluoride in our water, I’d have to say I’m proud that it was turned down yet again by the people. Third time’s a charm if you ask me. 

Everyone should know, and especially dentists themselves should know, that fluoride calcifies and kills the pineal gland in your brain. This astoundingly wonderful, amazing gland releases its own DMT that allows us to have dreams, interact with the dream world, and think freely as we go about our daily lives. Some people refer to this gland as “the third eye.”

If you reflect back on history, you will see that during the regime of Adolf Hitler, fluoridation of his people’s water was used to dumb down their minds, restricting their ability to think for themselves to keep him in control of his people, and believe the lies he told. This is a silent weapon of mass destruction to the public on a grand scale without them even knowing it.

The hypocrisy that goes on with the center of disease control and prevention is disgusting and anyone who promotes the use of fluoride are no better than Hitler themselves. They stated that community water fluoridation is one of the 10 greatest public health achievements of the century. How is dumbing down the minds of the public and killing off the pineal gland a health achievement of any kind?

There’s a company that makes toothpaste without any fluoride in it, or if you prefer to make your own, it can be done by mixing baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and a mint leaf for fresh taste. For those of you who are ready to cut the dentist out of your life for good, you can do this by adding these five supplements: non-fluoride toothpaste, colloidal silver for mouthwash use only, magnesium, zinc, and methylsulfonylmethane. These supplements won’t just keep you out of the dentist office, but will actually help get rid of a cavity, abscess tooth, and will remineralize your teeth to keep them chompers healthy.

There’s a reason for not trusting these evil entities that use fictitious knowledge to gain power, money, and control. The reason is having our own free spirits, good intuition, or “holy ghost” as some call it, to surpass and read between the lines so we can truly be healthy and think for ourselves instead of putting our health in the hands of others!

Kiel Hickman

Rush Valley

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