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April 7, 2020
Silicon Slopes partner with state to increase COVID-19 testing

During Thursday’s state COVID-19 briefing, Governor Gary Herbert announced a partnership with Silicon Slopes Serves to double the state’s daily COVID-19 testing capacity. 

Called “#TestUtahChall-enge,” the initiative will set up new testing facilities to expand results and gather data to help health officials better combat the virus, according to Silicon Slopes executives that spoke at Thursday’s briefing

The #TestUtahChallenge currently has drive-through test locations in Provo and Orem. New testing locations will be added to accommodate a goal of increasing testing by 3,000 tests per day.

The #TestUtahChallenge calls on all Utah residents to complete an online assessment at the website Responses will be processed and each individual will be instructed whether or not they should be tested.

The online assessment asks individuals to provide information regarding symptoms they may be experiencing. The assessment was created in partnership with the Utah Department of Health.

The assessment will trigger an email that will provide each individual who qualifies a unique QR code and will recommend a COVID-19 testing center based on the individual’s location. Following the test, results will be emailed or texted to each individual informing them of their diagnosis and recommended next steps. The assessment will engage with those who participate in tracing efforts to help slow the spread of the virus across the state.

Assessment data will be aggregated by the state to allow public health officials to better track the spread of COVID-19 throughout the state. 

The assessment will be conducted using technology with the highest levels of security and privacy protection available. The assessment and data collection is compliant with federal privacy regulations, according to Silicon Slopes.

The information provided in the survey by respondents will be collected by a data company that has been engaged by the State of Utah. This company has been vetted by the State of Utah and meets all federal and state standards around data protection and privacy. The database is stored in a manner that meets state and federal guidelines.

The data being collected under this initiative will only be retained in the short-term to aid the state of Utah to respond to the pandemic. Until the pandemic is deemed “over” the state will continue to analyze the data, according to Silicon Slopes.

Silicon Slopes is the voice of Utah’s startup and tech community. They are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that spans from Logan to St. George. 

The #TestUtahChallenge is a part of Silicon Slopes’ broader initiative to mobilize the tech community in a public-private initiative to combat the COVID-19 epidemic.

For more information and to take the assessment and schedule a test, visit


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