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July 18, 2017
Skiing centenarian teach us all on what matters in life

It was one amazing day. The sky was bright blue and the jagged granite spires above Snowbird were punching holes through colorful air.

But the most amazing part of this particular day was the opportunity to gather and ski at Snowbird in July as part of the 100th birthday celebration for George Jedenoff. And he would tell you that every day is amazing.

“Life is so short, even 100 years on this Earth,” he said during his centenary gathering “Make every minute count.”

Then he went on to teach a little more about math and the kind of counting you and I must do to mix up an exceptional life.

“Don’t let the age bother you,” he said. “Don’t let the negative things in your life, of which we all have a lot, outweigh all the positive blessings that you have.”

With such a positive outlook on life, one might come to the conclusion that Jedenoff just doesn’t have any obstacles in his life, that he leads an enchanted life. But that isn’t true. He’s been married to his wife for more than 74 years and he continues to help her through her ongoing health difficulties.

In speaking of such, Jedenoff’s advice is to view life’s obstacles as opportunities rather than problems. And he’s a great example of how to accomplish this.

“It’s hard to communicate with kids, and I’ve always found that riding a chairlift is a great time to connect because you have that uninterrupted time,” Jedenoff said.

He believes that finding the right connection is the real key to successful living. His life reveals how it works. He has an unusual ability to combine love and gratitude as a means to overcome life’s obstacles. He lives by focusing on the activities and people he loves. Then he mixes them together as a natural solution.

Jedenoff’s mix was all right there: Natural beauty, friends, family, gratitude and love. And who’s counting?

Lynn Butterfield lives in Erda and is a managing broker for a real estate company.

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