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June 28, 2022
Small Town goes Big Time

Carver Louis is now living in Nashville, Tennessee making his dreams come true 

Carver Louis is an up-and-coming country singer living in Nashville, Tennessee, but born on October 25, 1997 and raised in Tooele.

Zodiac signs are a big deal in the music industry, because it’s all about the energy you bring to the game. 

“They’re all like hippies,” Louis joked during an exclusive interview with the Transcript Bulletin. Louis’ zodiac sign is Scorpio, which describes someone who is passionate and lives life to the fullest but with a mission.

And Louis does have a mission. 

Since he got a guitar from his grandmother for his 15th birthday, it has been his mission to create music. 

“I’ve been very fortunate to turn a birthday gift into a career,” Louis said. 

He never had guitar lessons but taught himself how to play.

Louis grew up participating in rodeo where he did Monday Night Buck Outs and ran shoots. It was inevitable that he’d develop a love for country music, particularly for the artists George Strait and Alan Jackson.

In 2015, Louis found friends who also enjoyed music and they started a band called “Carver Louis and the Old Lincoln Highway.” They played shows around Tooele including county fairs and art festivals.

During this time, Louis went to Tooele High School where he was the quarterback for the football team, wrestled, and ran track. 

Louis had many inspiring teachers and figures who encouraged him to follow his dreams of creating music.

“Rick Spencer was our athletic trainer and the guitar club advisor, and I was the guitar club president,” Louis said. “He was always big on encouraging me to keep on doing this. Marilyn Syra, the band teacher, also helped me out. Brennan Harmer was our English teacher. As far as literature and writing goes, I feel like I got a good grasp on it in his classes. Even today all three of them comment on my stuff. They’ve inspired a lot of kids.” 

Louis graduated from Tooele High in 2016.

Other inspiring figures in Louis’s music career include the members of Louis’s band who’ve helped him break through onto the country music scene.

“My bass player Carl and my drummer Mike Sutton have been with me since day one and helped me out,” he said. “I’ve been really fortunate to have guys who are older than me and played a lot of shows on the road. They’re able to give me knowledge and tell me what to do and what not to do because they’ve been there before.”

In 2017, the band name was shortened to “Carver Louis,” and they released their first single “Through with You.” 

The band gradually built a following until their 2019 debut single “Change Up” which was later released on their extended play recording “Take Off.”

“‘Change Up’ got on radio stations like KBUL 93, Z104, and The Eagle in Utah, and then sister stations across the United States,” Louis said. “That was the first single we got actual radio play out of. That’s what got us on the charts.”

As Louis’ music began to take off, he went from performing for 12 people at a barbecue joint to over 6,000 when he opened for Rodney Atkins last year. He also played at the Country Summer Music Festival in California and Country Fan Fest.

“Country Fan Fest was like an epiphany that I needed to play music,” he said. “I was able to play when I was 19 years old, and it was just the greatest show. Even though we’ve played a lot bigger shows since then with bigger crowds, I feel like that was the turning point of where I wanted to go in life.”

So far in his career, Louis has opened for Florida Georgia Line, Travis Denning, John Michael Montgomery, Carly Pierce, Coffey Anderson, Waterloo Revival, Black Hawk, and many others.

Louis has drawn inspiration from his hometown in his music. 

The big hit “Back to You” which is also on the “Take Off” extended play recording. was inspired by his childhood in Tooele.

“The way I wrote it was like a letter to the town,” Louis said. “Even though I’m going out to Nashville, it will always be home. Others might perceive it in different ways, but it’s like my homage to Tooele.”

Carver wrote “Back to You” with country singer Hunter Girl who went on to take second place on American Idol last year.

Louis loves every aspect about the music making process. 

“It’s always fun to create something new,” Louis said. “Just being able to have a voice and express those kinds of emotions in the writing process, I absolutely love writing. But there is nothing like getting able to hop up on stage and play in front of a bunch of people.”

Louis continues to set goals for himself. 

“My immediate goal is to get a publishing deal for writing,” he said. “You have more chance of getting radio play. That’s what I’m working on right now, but my long-term goal is—and this is going to sound so hometown and Utah—but I’ve always wanted to play at USANA Amphitheater. I know everyone is like I want a record deal, or I want a #1 song on the radio, but I just want to play at USANA. I’ve been going to concerts there for years. Don’t get me wrong though, a number one song on the radio would be great.”

For those who are seeking a breakthrough into the music industry, Louis said, “Don’t be so hard on yourself. I was always so critical. Enjoy it. Do it for the love of the music and not for anything else… and make your mom and dad proud, that’s the biggest thing.”

Louis’s family has encouraged him every step of the way in his music career, and helped when they can, from selling merchandise to providing transportation to and from venues.

When not playing music, Louis is an avid golfer. 

He coached a little league football team in Stansbury for a couple of years. Under his tutelage, the football team went on to win a state championship. 

He hopes to find another little league to coach while in Nashville.

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