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April 25, 2017
Something to hide

I was just reading about the large number of people that have been victimized by the various internet and phone scams. With a little information about the victim, the scammer can make a threatening phone call or an internet message much more convincing. So a couple of thoughts come to mind.

Trump rolling back the ban in ISP selling your data just made it a lot easier for scammers to make phone calls or internet sites more believable. The excuse that Google and other sites collect information does not justify rolling back the protection that the public received from the ban. If the idea was to make the playing field level for all businesses, then Trump could have enacted a total ban on any internet ISP or site collecting any personal information without permission.

I believe that this will make it possible for our web browsing to be obtained very easily. Some people will say, “I have nothing to hide, so why should I care.” But suppose that your browsing history is easy to get for a potential employer or loan company. If you visit a lot of health information sites, that potential employer or loan company likely won’t want to hire or lend money to someone who may have chronic health problems. If you visit gambling sites that would raise red flags. If you visit left or right political sites, your thinking may not be “correct” in the opinion of someone screening applicants.

So maybe you do have something to hide!

Jim Mallon


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