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December 5, 2013
Sometimes family needs a new-fashioned Netflix binge day

During Thanksgiving, my family was all together for the first time since April 2012.

My brother, Ronny, went to Germany 20 months ago and got married while he was there. He and his wife moved back to the U.S. last August.

So finally, after missing each other here and there for the past few months, all of us (Dad, Mom, Ricky, Robby, Ronny and his wife, and Ryan) were together amidst a plethora of extended family for Thanksgiving. We were also joined at the table by three turkeys.

It’s amazing to see that even though we were all separated for 20 months and changed in various ways, we were still family and picked up right where we left off. This wasn’t the longest time we were all separated: I left on my LDS mission in August 2006, and we weren’t all together until my youngest brother, Ryan, returned from his LDS mission in December 2011. However, 20 months is still plenty of time for people to change.

We reunited, and the arguing and shouting comfortingly returned. With it came our favorite past-time—a television binge. What better way to quell the fighting than to watch a TV show?

Netflix recently added “Chuck,” which is a show I never watched while it aired from 2007-2012. So I started watching it and became enthralled in its dramedy and musical score that subtly nods to both James Bond and super heroes. Chuck Bartowski lives the ultimate nerd dream in that show: going from a nobody to a secret agent over night.

So I introduced the show to my family, and the TV binge was on big time. With so many cousins, first cousins once removed, and second cousins causing a raucous through the house, we retreated to the downstairs “apartment” of my grandparents’ home and watched “Chuck.” And we watched “Chuck.” And we watched “Chuck.”

With it being unsafe to travel the streets of St. George on Black Friday, we had no choice but to keep watching “Chuck.” We eventually were into the middle of the second season when we realized we needed a “Chuck” detox.

That was the moment I also realized that my family was almost as awesome as Captain Awesome from “Chuck.” Or at least they were the kind of awesome I need from time to time.

You see, our families may get on our nerves, but the longer you spend time away from them, the more you realize how similar you are to them and how much they mean to you.

I received a text from Robby telling me he was now into the fourth season of “Chuck” — taking the television binge to a whole new level. People on the outside looking in may consider it unhealthy to watch more than 50 hours of “Chuck” in less than a week, but I simply chuckle because he’s my brother. Certainly none of my family members will be able to get away with anything serious, but I think I can give Robby a pass for this lesser faux pas.

That’s the joy of family. They accept your faults and love you no matter what—even if they insult you or won’t stop poking you because they’re dumbfounded how you lost so much weight.

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