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November 3, 2020
Sometimes it’s not over until it’s over

As you read this, vote casting will be over. Results of some kind for local, state, and federal elections have been posted. 

Although those results may not be final.

Regardless of candidates conceding or declaring victory or a news agency declaring a winner, election night results have always been unofficial.

Even before COVID-19 and mail-in voting, there were provisional ballots to be confirmed and counted. There were also absentee ballots that often remained to be counted before every last vote was counted and the final count set in stone by the election’s canvassing body.

Normally by late election night a tally was posted that included an overwhelming majority of the ballots. Unless a race was close, the eventual winner is usually an obvious choice.

But just to remind you, the winner of the third seat on Tooele City’s Council in last year’s municipal election wasn’t decided until 15 days after the election.

At the close of ballot counting on Nov. 5, 2019, Dave McCall held a seven vote lead over Tony Graf for the third slot on the Tooele City Council. After additional mail-in ballots and provisional ballots were counted on Nov. 7, McCall’s victory margin shrunk to one vote. The initial final vote count put Graf ahead of McCall by one vote. Graf was declared a winner of the race with McCall trailing by three votes in fourth place after a recount on Nov. 20.

Sometimes the ballgame isn’t over until the ballgame is over, or at least until the “fat lady sings.”

When the game is over, it is time to look around the field and help an opponent off the ground and shake hands.

While we may maintain our political or personal differences, let us not let our disagreement and disappointment degrade into backbiting, impugning, or even worse — violence.

Tooele County has long been a place where people of diverse backgrounds, beliefs and philosophies can come together for the common good.

Let’s don’t end that this year.

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