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April 5, 2012
Sort menus in alphabetical order for easier access

Two popular menu locations, the “All Programs” menu and Internet Explorer’s “Favorites” menu, have some options that can make it easier for you to find your things.

Click the “Start” button, and then click “Control Panel.” In the Control Panel, click “Taskbar and Start Menu” and its dialog box will open. Click the “Start Menu” tab near the top of the box, and then click the “Customize” button to the right. The “Customize Start Menu” box will open. Here are some popular options you may find helpful.

First, scroll down and remove the checkmark from “Highlight newly installed programs.” Whenever I install a new program, it is evidence enough to me that it is there because it appears in the menu and I don’t feel it needs to be highlighted too.

Second, remove the check mark from “Open submenus when I pause on them with the mouse pointer.” Most computer users want the menus and submenus to open as quickly as possible without any delay. If you feel the same, keep this box clear.

And third, place a checkmark in the box next to “Sort All Programs menu by name.” With this enabled, whenever a new program is added to your “All Programs” menu, it will be sorted alphabetically by program name. Click “OK” twice to save your changes. There are many options located in the “Customize Start Menu” box that you can easily try and if you don’t like the change, go back and reverse what you’ve done.

Now, open Internet Explorer. Click on your “Favorites” button near the top. Move your cursor down over any one of the entries and right-click your mouse. In the pop-up menu, click “Sort by name.” This will sort all your folders and websites in alphabetical order.

Scott Lindsay actively promotes learning the computer, regardless of age, to better one’s life and circumstances and has helped thousands of people over the past 10 years to become better computer users. He can be reached at

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