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December 11, 2012
Special thanks to those who made election work

You thought the election was over… Well, except for some thank you’s and a tie in one race, it was.

The tie was in the North Tooele Fire District Seat B race.  At the end of Election Day, Michael Frieden had 1,737 votes and Fred Burton had 1,747.  After the provisional ballots were counted, along with the by-mail ballots that came in on time, the vote was a tie, 1,914 each.

So we held a recount on Monday, Dec. 3. The result: still a tie. So we flipped a coin, as allowed by state code. Randy Wilden, fire chief for the North Tooele Fire District, flipped the coin, which resulted in Fred Burton winning. Congratulations to all of the candidates, winners and non-winners, for being willing to serve.

Our election workers are the absolute best in the state. The county workers also do an excellent job helping with early voting.  On Election Day, there were some people who went the extra mile. The Tooele County Association of Realtors provided pizza to the election workers in mid-afternoon just when they were waning. What a marvelous way to say thank you to people who work a very long day for very low pay.

There were also two individuals, county employees, who have worked early voting so they were trained in the election process.  When they went to their precincts to vote on Election Day, they could see that the workers were swamped, so after voting their ballot, they stayed and helped until things slowed down. That’s patriotism. Thanks, Laura and Susan.

Thank you to the schools, government buildings, fire stations and their personnel who provide a place for our citizens to exercise their right as citizens of the greatest country in the world, the United States of America, to vote for their leaders.  Lastly, thanks to the 73 percent of Tooele County voters who took the time to exercise that previous right.


Marilyn Gillette is the Tooele County clerk.

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