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October 12, 2017
SPSA board meets with residents about firing of former manager

Residents filled the clubhouse meeting room for a Stansbury Park Service Agency board meeting Wednesday night, with most asking questions and commenting on the termination of former manager Randall Flynn.

Prior to accepting public comment, board member Mike Johnson read a prepared statement from the board. The statement said the board reached out to its attorney to determine what it could and could not say at the meeting, including not discussing Flynn’s job performance.

The statement reiterated that Flynn served at the pleasure of the board and the position was at-will, so he could be terminated without cause. Flynn, who was terminated following a closed session at the Sept. 27 meeting, was paid for all wages earned and an additional two months of wages.

The board also offered Flynn a severance package of $20,000, which was accepted on Oct. 10, according to the statement read by Johnson.

“The board of trustees wishes to emphasize to the public that Mr. Flynn was not removed for cause and the general public should not read anything into the agency’s decision to remove him as general manager,” the statement said. “Mr. Flynn was a valued employee of the service agency and his efforts on behalf of the service agency and the residents of Stansbury should be commended.”

Multiple residents questioned the board’s decision to terminate Flynn based on moving in a different direction and what the new direction entailed. Johnson clarified that the board’s new direction would be hiring a new manager and board chairman Neil Smart said the board will take some time to deliberate on the future of the position.

“We want to go a different direction in terms of who our general manager is,” Johnson said. “So we’re not going to have massive changes.”

Resident Doris Morris said she reviewed minutes from previous meetings looking for a reason the board would dismiss Flynn.

“I see a man who’s working himself nuts trying to keep this place in order with some massive problems,” she said.

Morris’s husband, Elliot, said the board has the power to set policy and guide the actions of the manager. He said he believed the minutes of the service agency board reflect bad governance, with too few resolutions to direct Flynn’s actions when the board disagreed.

“I would just encourage you as you go forward and hire this new manager to go a different direction, that you step up to the plate and govern as you are supposed to govern,” he said.

Resident Richard Orr reflected on the condition of the community’s parks under Flynn, who served on the board for five terms and as manager since 2013.

“I’ve been here 32 years and I’ve never seen the parks look better,” Orr said.

After a series of comments about Flynn and his termination without cause, Smart described the situation with Flynn’s employment the most difficult thing he’s ever had to do.

“This was an emotional roller coaster for us to deal with,” Smart said. “We contemplated it for months.”

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