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May 18, 2021
SR-138 resurfacing traffic mess

I wanted to write to make the community aware of the mess the traffic plan for the SR-138 resurfacing was this past weekend. 

For those that may not have been aware, Kilgore was resurfacing and laying asphalt Saturday and Sunday, May 15 and 16, from SR-36 to Village Boulevard. They closed access at Beaman Way and Delgada and Brigham roads. 

The only access to the neighborhoods north of SR-138 was Stansbury Parkway, and they closed that access multiple times during the day on Saturday. Their traffic plan was to detour westbound traffic north on Stansbury Parkway to Brigham Road then to Castle Rock Drive and around to SR-138. 

There are a couple of issues with this plan. First Castle Rock Drive is not complete and there is no access from Brigham Road west to the Wildhorse Ranch Subdivision. Many frustrated drivers drove over the sidewalk and grass owned and maintained by the Stansbury Service Agency on the west side of the Porter Way Park and the agency will now have to fix the damage. 

The second issue is this detour is forcing a lot of traffic and large vehicles onto smaller residential roads. I spent much of the weekend watching and trying to direct traffic back to SR-36 and up to Village Boulevard or Erda Way for those trying to get to Grantsville, UMC or Deseret Peak. This created not only a mess but a very unsafe situation for our families and children. 

We had frustrated drivers speeding, disregarding stop signs and being obnoxious. We had large semi-trucks, horse trailers and other large vehicles in the neighborhood. I called dispatch twice and talked with two deputies, one deputy came out to the area by my house to see the issue. It sounded like UDOT had been informed of the situation, but they didn’t seem very interested in coming to deal with the problems that were created. This project should have been handled differently and better planning should have been done. 

The project should have been broken up into sections where the areas were 100% finished before moving to the next section for example SR-36 to Stansbury Parkway, then Stansbury parkway to Brigham Road, then Brigham Road to Castle Rock Drive then Castle Rock Drive to Village Boulevard. 

The residents of the neighborhoods north of 138 deserve an apology for what we had to endure, and the drivers sent on a wild goose chase trying to get west of Village Blvd deserve an apology. 

If the county was involved in this then an investigation should be done to figure out what went wrong. If the county was not involved, they should insist that UDOT do an investigation and figure out what happened. There was no good reason to put us all through this chaotic situation. The county, UDOT and Kilgore should be embarrassed. 

Brenda Spearman

Stansbury Park Resident and Elected Service Agency Board Member

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