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March 26, 2015
Stansbury approves purchase of park restrooms, excavator

The Stansbury Park Service Agency allocated funds for outdoor restroom facilities and a new excavator during its Wednesday night meeting.

The service agency approved allocating up to $200,000 for the construction of two restroom facilities in the Village and Parkview parks. The restroom structures will be made from precast concrete, with a two-room facility in Parkview Park and a four-room facility in Village Boulevard Park, with half of the building reserved for storage space.

The structures cost about $39,300 for the smaller restroom and $91,700 for the large restroom with storage. Randy Jones, Stansbury Park Service Area manager, suggested the board purchase upgraded restrooms with a better facade and stainless steel fixtures.

The cost of the exterior upgrades is expected to be about $3,300 per bathroom.

“I think we need to spend the extra money … and make them nice,” said Chairman Neil Smart.

Connecting water, sewer and electricity is expected to cost an additional $15,000 for each of the new restrooms.

The total cost of both bathrooms is expected to be between $165,000 and $175,000. Jones said the buildings, which will be entirely made of precast concrete, are incredibly durable.

“The way they’re constructed, you can hit them with a tank and they won’t go anywhere,” he said.

Jones said he expects the bathrooms to be installed by the end of June.

The board also approved the purchase of a vacuum excavator, not to exceed $30,000. The excavator uses a jet of high pressure water to turn ground to mud, which is sucked up by a vacuum attachment into a holding tank.

Service agency staff currently digs most holes manually. Jones said quotes were approximately $27,000 without the cost of shipping.

A lot of the underground wire in Stansbury Park isn’t in conduit, Jones said, and potentially damaging wires or pipes while digging with shovels can make extra work for staff. A vacuum excavator is more accurate and can do the work quicker, he said.

“We end up spending more time fixing what we break, trying to fix what was already broken,” Jones said.

In the past, the service agency had borrowed a vacuum excavator from the Stansbury Park Improvement District. Jones said SPID was hesitant to keep loaning its excavator and it was too large for the majority of jobs the service agency would need it for.

The money for the excavator was included in the service agency’s budget for maintenance equipment, according to board members.  

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