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August 23, 2022
Stansbury Days hosts cardboard boat races over the weekend

Over the weekend, Stansbury Park hosted its annual “Stansbury Days” and held a variety of events. On Saturday afternoon, friends and family took to the water to compete in the cardboard boat races.

Bridgette Toone, president of the Stansbury Park Community Events non-profit organization, said that activities such as the races were an important return to normalcy in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It helps bring people together and community is really important,” Toone said. “With COVID, we missed a lot of that.”

For the Salisbury family, Saturday’s event gave them a chance to try their hand at creating buoyant cardboard for the first time. Taylor Salisbury helped his children construct the watercraft using only tape, cardboard and lacquer, the only components allowed for the boats. Displaying the family’s untested boat, Taylor said everything came together in short order in around two days.

“We spent two days — it doesn’t look like it,” Taylor said.

Taylor’s son Will helped with the agonizing process of folding the cardboard base of the boat, which . While he looked forward to the race, he was not banking on his boat to go the distance.

“It’s our first year and it’s called “Sink and Swim.”

The rules of the race were simple: make one lap around an inflatable buoy without sinking or having your boat fall apart.

Once the race was underway, the Taylor family boat held its own against fellow racers with names such as the Tigers, The Glub Glub and a boat modeled after an airplane in the movie Top Gun. Some racers did not make it shortly after hitting the water, with one group seeing their boat sink and fall apart quicker than a house of cards.

At the conclusion of the race, a boat dubbed USS Clover pulled ahead of the pack and were declared winners, with the Taylors’ boat coming in shortly thereafter. And while the crew didn’t win the race while commandeering Sink and Swim, they neither sank nor swam.

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