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October 25, 2023
Stansbury golfing duo reach Day 2 of 4A State Tournament

After a grueling two-day tournament in West Valley, bogged down by rain, wind and overall cold weather, a pair of Stallions boys golfers emerged from the elements in the top 20 performers during the 2023 4A State Boys Golf Tournament.

While Stansbury, as a whole, did not make the top of the team standings, junior Jack Griffith and sophomore Denver Douglas represented their school in the second day of the event and Jack earned a medal having finished tied for eight in the individual results. 

The teammates, in addition to some of Jack’s family, sat down with the Transcript Bulletin and recounted the event that took place from Oct. 11-12 

“It was tough, [we] were just playing for a pretty long time.”

The greens were a lot softer than usual and the less-than-ideal conditions dragged out the playing time altogether, neither player expected to finish the tournament as far along as they did.

“I wasn’t expecting to place as high as I did,” Jack said. “But I thought I started peaking at the right time.”

Whereas Jack has been swinging clubs since he was old enough to pick one up, Denver only has around two years experience under his belt and was equally as surprised by his performance.

“I didn’t practice all summer, so I wasn’t expecting anything, but it turned out great. “Just kept my head in the right place and played some pretty good golf.”

Jack’s mother Heather, sang the praises of her son and the rest of his peers.

“[I’m] just super proud of the team; to even qualify for state is phenomenal,” she said. “The competition this year was so good; they really had to pull together.”

When asked for those they’d like to acknowledge for their accomplishments up to this point, both Jack and Denver thanked loved ones, with Jack thanking his parents.

“I want to thank them for supporting me and helping me reach my full potential in golf,” he said. “I always know I can count on them being there watching me whether I play my best or not.”

Denver didn’t think twice before pointing to his golfing partner Jack, whom he said has been an inspiration.

“He pushed me this year and helped me to barely beat him in a tournament this season,” Denver said.

Both thanked head Coach Jeremy Alverson, who attested to their dedication, calling them skilled and accomplished players whose consistency could be relied upon, all year long.

“They were extremely focused at the state tournament this year,” Stallions golf coach Jeremy Alverson said. “They were both mentally prepared and scored great both days of state.

“I’m excited to see how much they can improve during the off-season and lead our team again next year.”

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