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image Brett Palmer holds a glass of Stansbury Park tap water. Stansbury Park Water District won top taste honors in Utah and went on to win the silver medal nationally for Best Water in the USA in the Great American Water Taste Test from the National Rural Water Association.

February 18, 2014
Stansbury has second-best water in the U.S.

Stansbury Park residents already knew they had great-tasting drinking water but can now brag that it’s nationally ranked for purity.

The township’s drinking water won second place in the National Rural Water Association’s 2014 Great American Water Taste contest last Wednesday in Washington, D.C. Each state sent a representative, which was then whittled down to five finalists. The water was judged on taste, clarity and lack of odor.

It was narrowly beat out for the first-place crown by Curtis, Neb., a tiny town of about 1,000 residents that sits on about 1.2 square miles. Curtis is located approximately 60 miles east of the Nebraska-Colorado border.

Brett Palmer, manager of the Stansbury Service District, said going to the national convention was interesting and provided a good opportunity. As one of the finalists, Stansbury officials had to tell a diverse group where they and the water came from.

“It was great. It was a good experience,” he said. “They had each of the water systems selected as finalists explain a little bit about the water system and where the water comes from and a little bit about the community.”

Palmer said nothing has changed in the collection of the water between last week’s contest and the state contest in February 2013 when Stansbury Park was awarded the title of “Best Water” in Utah and the endorsement to represent the state in the national competition. The water, drawn from wells, does not have to be treated, he said.

Besides entering the contest, the representation included telling Utah senators about the work the Utah Rural Water Association does for state water resources, Palmer said.

Stansbury’s water was also used to make Jell-O on Feb. 12 by Utah Sen. Mike Lee, who makes and serves the snack each Wednesday in his office. The national contest’s third-place winner came from the Callaway County Public Service District 2 in Fulton, Mo.

Palmer said while the water district is pleased with the honor from the national convention, he plans on submitting Stansbury’s water again to the Utah Rural Water Association’s convention later this month.

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