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April 30, 2020
Stansbury High School Sterling Scholars 2020

14 seniors recognized for academics, leadership, citizenship, and service 

Stansbury High School had 14 seniors compete in the Wasatch Front Region of the Deseret News/KSL Sterling Scholar Program last month.

The purpose of the Sterling Scholar Awards is to publicly recognize and encourage the pursuit of excellence in scholarship, community service, leadership and citizenship of public high school seniors in the state of Utah.

The Deseret News and KSL Broadcast Group developed the program in the 1960s to focus attention on outstanding seniors in order to recognize them publicly, as well as award cash scholarships and tuition waivers from participating institutions. 

A Sterling Scholar demonstrates excellence in academics, leadership, service, interview skills, and one of 15 specific categories, which include agriculture science, business and marketing, computer technology, dance, English and literature, family and consumer sciences, general scholarship, instrumental music, mathematics, science, speech and drama, skilled and technical education, visual arts, vocal performance, and world languages. 

Candidates for Sterling Scholar are selected by their high school. The Sterling Scholar Awards program seeks to commend and encourage excellence among all students. 

All nominees are judged equally on the basis of scholastic achievement, community service, leadership and citizenship without regard to religion, sex, political preference or national origin.

Below are the 14 SHS Sterling Scholar contestants and a brief bio about their academic interests and passions. The bios were provided by SHS.

Quinton Adair

I grew up with the desire to create and build.  From a young age I enjoyed carving wood, building with Legos, constructing outdoor shelters and making various Cub Scout crafts and pinewood derby cars.  After moving to Utah, I witnessed some blacksmithing demonstrations at a pioneer reenactment.  Feeling inspired, I built a small forge in my backyard to attempt metalworking.  During my time participating in Boy Scouts I was able to have additional experiences in technical sciences and visited with several vocational experts regarding their employment as well as receive my Eagle Scout award.  During my high school years, I have pursued welding, machining, hydraulics, mechanics, and electrical experience through the Tooele Technical College.

Eden Beazer

My name is Eden Beazer, and I was born in Tucson, Arizona.  I’m the third of four girls in my family.  While I enjoy staying active through tennis and running, I truly excel in the classroom.  With each new school year I try to challenge myself with difficult classes that I can learn a lot in.  More often than not, it is the difficult classes that I end up enjoying and then missing the most.  My passion for learning has always continued beyond school hours.  I’ve loved experimenting, creating, and understanding how things work for as long as I can remember.  When I was a little girl I had a trash bag behind my bedroom door that was filled with “invention supplies”, like straws, pipe cleaners, paper plates, and more.  One of my first inventions was a “one man band” that I gifted to my dad for his birthday.  Last year I had the flu, and my biology teacher helped me prick my finger so I could look at a sample of my blood.  I was fascinated to see the increased number of white blood cells present to help fight off my illness.  While my methods may have become more sophisticated, my curiosity and passion for science hasn’t.  I want to become the Science Sterling Scholar so I can continue to inspire other girls to ask questions and use critical thinking skills, find answers through experimentation and observation, and pursue science in the future.

David Bennett

My name is David Bennett.  I was born in North Dakota, but have lived in Utah since I was three years old.  A few things that I like are sports, video/board games, and science.  Something that I am really passionate about is music.  I began to get involved in music by way of my dad teaching me piano at an early age.  It was generally interesting to me, but the moment when instrumental music really grabbed my attention was when I started playing the flute in beginning band during sixth grade.  The experience of playing in a section in order to provide something for a larger group encouraged me to continue my study of music.  The most intriguing thing was how much someone can continue to improve in music, and improvement is something I usually strive for.  Music has also provided many opportunities to work with other people, which is also something I enjoy about other hobbies such as sports or other games.  In high school, I participated, and am participating in many flute performance events.  I am currently a senior in high school and am planning to attend college in Utah in order to gain an education of Science or Music.

Matt Brasher

My name is Matt Brasher.  I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I am 17 years old.  Although I started off drawing figures with potato bodies and stick limbs, my art has developed into something I’m really proud of.  I put so much of myself into my work, and I can’t wait to share those parts of myself with you.  Much of my work depicts the trials and euphoria of identity and life as an LGBT adolescent, as well as struggles with mental health and acceptance.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to represent my school as a Sterling Scholar, because art isn’t just a passion for me: it’s my therapy, self expression, and recovery. I want to share my message with anyone who will listen, and inspire others to create as a form of healing.

Katelin Chipman

My name is Katelin Chipman and I am a Utah native.  I enjoy running cross country and track, singing, spending time with my family and friends, and learning Chinese.  When I was a young child, I thought it was incredible that someone could learn multiple languages.  I didn’t think that I could ever become bilingual.  Each time that I tried to teach myself a language, I gave up after just a few weeks.  It wasn’t until I started taking a Chinese class in high school that my passion for learning a language was ignited.  I love learning Chinese because as well as learning the language, I also get to learn about China’s culture.  In China, people are so respectful and welcoming.  When I had the opportunity to visit Cambodia as a humanitarian, I received the privilege of experiencing a culture similar to China’s.  When I am older, I plan on studying abroad in China.  Furthermore, I plan on becoming a Chinese language major when I go to college.  I want to become a World Language Sterling Scholar so that I may share a little bit of my love for the Chinese culture.  In addition, I want to prove to myself and others that anything is possible if you set your mind and your heart to it.  Every day I am proving to myself that it is possible to learn a foreign language.

Bailey Cook

Hi my name is Bailey Cook and I was born in Kirkland Washington.  I have been dancing for the past nine years and have loved every second of it.  At first dance was just a fun extracurricular activity that I would do once or twice a week, but over time it has evolved into the biggest passion of my life.  Dance has been my escape, my get away, and my coping strategy through the midst of many challenges I have had to face in my life.  Dance has also taught me the joy of what my body and mind are capable of doing; the freedom of expression; determination and patience with myself; how to have a dedicated work ethic; how to find compromise and unity with others; and how to share my own story with my audience.  Without dance I wouldn’t be the same person I am today.  My future plans are to major in dance with an emphasis on choreography.  My goal with choreography and dancing in general is to inspire, move, and uplift those around me and create the amazing energy of human connection to the audience I’m performing for.  I hope to travel and share my passion for dance, through choosing the path to continue performing and choreographing with other dancers, I can in some small way inspire others to share their own story through their passion.

Kendrik Craig

Kendrik Craig was born September 12, 2001 in Orem Utah.  In Elementary school, Kendrik was able to participate in an early morning advance math and logical reasoning class.  As he progressed in school, Kendrik always pushed himself to be in the advanced math classes in a journey to always learn more and to challenge himself.  In High School, Kendrik as taken AP calculus and statistics in order to get a head start into college education.  Two of Kendrik’s favorite math memories were a science project he was able to take to Region involving rockets and building an ROV as part of the school’s STEM program.  Kendrik wanted to be a Sterling Scholar because he saw it as a way to challenge himself and to grow in a field that he enjoys participating in.

Rebecca Frailey

I was born and raised in Utah, growing up in the Tooele Valley.  As a child, I adored learning about history and sciences because I felt like it explained a lot of the world around me.  From the age of eight, I would walk myself down to the local town museums and historical sites to learn more about them. I would also walk to the library, which was exactly two miles from my house, to bring home armloads of books for additional information.  I loved to read books about life on the American Prairie, European History and Culture, and the beginnings of America.  I have wanted to become a Sterling Scholar since I was a freshman.  When you’re not involved in sports or something physical, you learn that it’s very hard to be recognized for something that doesn’t have short-term benefits.  I want to show what I’ve managed to learn the last few years, prove that I’m knowledgeable in my field, and inspire others whose talents also lie in bookwork and mindscapes.  I hope being a Sterling Scholar will introduce me to more people who want to change the world, show me which areas I am weak in so that I can continue to improve, and will aid me as I select a college and a lifestyle where I can continue to learn more about how history shapes the world and me.

Levi Gomez

My name is Levi Gomez and I am from Tooele Utah.  I am an 18 year old senior at Stansbury High school.  When I was 9 years old I bought an electric motorcycle that didn’t run from a garage sale for $10, swapped out a battery from our old family motor scooter, and resold it for $120 2 weeks later.  A kids’ motorcycle turned into dirt bikes, and dirt bikes turned into cars.  Since the 3rd grade I’ve been flipping and selling anything I can get my hands on to make a profit.  In my few years in grade school I have sold over 2 dozen cars, motorcycles, and off road vehicles.  I plan to continue this hobby and hopefully turn it into my living one day.

Linzie Hoffmann

My name is Linzie Hoffmann.  I was born in Ogden, Utah, but Tooele Valley is the place I’ve always called home.  Growing up in a big family of five kids, we were always busy.  I have countless memories of aimlessly running barefoot around the small neighborhood that was my entire world.  There was always another tree to climb or trampoline to jump on.  My parents directed me towards sports as an outlet for my energy.  Every night you could find my sister and I, ball in hand, competing in some sort of intense game.  My competitiveness has also been evident in my continuous efforts to succeed in classroom academics.  Many parents want to raise their children in such a way that allows them to experience the world around them through exploration.  I was no exception where I was afforded to travel to islands and other countries where I experienced cultures that will forever be memorable to me, not only because of the opportunity to travel, but to share experiences with those that I love most.  As I have pursued Family and Consumer Sciences during high school, I have realized that family values, service, and education are what have always meant (and always will mean) the most to me.  I am excited to be a Sterling Scholar because it is a program that embodies excellence in the concepts that I hold in high esteem and have defined the person who I have become.

Hunter Jackson

My name is Hunter Jackson.  I was born in Salt Lake City and lived in West Valley City until the age of seven at which point my family and I moved to Stansbury Park where we have lived ever since.  My growing up years didn’t involve much in the way of computers or computational technology but from a very young age I was fond of knowing how various objects and machines worked and operated, a skill that would ultimately lead to my fascination with computers and computer technology.  Around the time of junior high my parents had given me an old, broken computer to disassemble and tinker with.  I was quickly fascinated with the inner workings of the machine and after doing some research I was able to repair this old computer to a working state once again.  From that point on I became very invested in knowing how more complex technologies such as computers worked.  By the time my sophomore year of high school came around I had the opportunity to enroll in a few technical classes that would teach me more about how computer technology worked and from there I rapidly expanded my knowledge of the subject and explored various ways of applying my knowledge in the real world.  Since that point I have continued to have a passion for learning about and working with computer technology and hope to maintain that passion for years to come.

Paige Kennedy

My name is Paige Kennedy.  I was born in Scottsdale, Arizona to Monica and Matthew Kennedy.  We moved to Utah when I was 3 years old.  At a young age we discovered that I had good pitch and musical talent.  I joined the church choir shortly thereafter and have enjoyed singing in church for nearly nine years.  I love all music.  I especially enjoy a cappella, where I can hear the different parts and appreciate the harmony.  I also have a huge passion for musical theater and love the thrill of singing and dancing on stage.  Music is a powerful avenue for emotions.  Singing helps me find peace in a stressful world and connections to things that keep me grounded.  I took voice lessons intermittently when I was younger but started more intensely about three years ago when I wanted to take extra steps to increase my abilities and skills.  Being a part of our school’s competition choirs has also fed my appetite for vocal excellence.  I want to become the Sterling Scholar for Vocal Performance because singing is my passion and I have trained and studied to refine my vocal skills.  Being a Sterling Scholar is a huge accomplishment that not only recognizes talent but also work ethic and values.  I am dedicated to improving my art, but I also work hard to get good grades; I am involved in my community and church; and I cherish my relationships with others.

Landon Richins

My name is Landon Richins.  I was born in Murray, Utah in 2001.  I am fascinated by the world of Theatre and have developed an innate passion to perform throughout my High School career.  I love to dive deep into character development and motives.  My favorites have been Peter in “Peter and the Starcatcher” and Bert in “Mary Poppins”.  I look forward to playing Christopher Boone in “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time” this spring.  Christopher is on the autistic spectrum which makes his character work especially unique and engaging.  I am also extremely enthusiastic about social science which has brought me great opportunities to be involved as a US citizen.  I have chosen to model myself after great Americans, specifically Theodore Roosevelt.  I adore the wonders of nature as well.  A goal of mine is to visit all 61 US National Parks in my lifetime.  I love nature and have a strong desire to preserve it for posterity.  I am very excited for the Sterling Scholar Competition.  Advancing in the competition would not only mean the world to me, but would also expose me to a more challenging aspect of the world that is Theatre.  I have worked every day since entering high school to better myself as an actor, leader, citizen and student. Sterling Scholar would be the ultimate culmination of all my hard work.

Kate Schmidt

My name is Kate Schmidt, and I grew up in Stansbury Park, Utah.  I have had a lifelong passion for the written word.  I’ve always loved reading, writing, and the art of storytelling.  In fact, the first time I tried to write a novel was in first grade.  That love of stories has stayed with me my whole life.  I love the pictures words can paint and the feelings that can be evoked with simple inked letters on pages.  I read everything from classics to nonfiction to fantasy.  I still write stories of my own, too- aside from working on fiction projects of my own, I also work for the Tooele Transcript Bulletin writing feature stories about exemplary people in my community.  Doing journalistic writing has helped me broaden my horizons and improve my writing style, and I’ve enjoyed meeting the unique people featured in my stories.  I’m excited for what the future holds for me and my passion for the English language.  After high school, I plan to attend college and pursue a degree in English.  I would love to work in the publishing industry, become an editor, own a bookstore, or even write my own novel.


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