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March 22, 2022
Stansbury High School Sterling Scholars 2022

14 Stansbury High School seniors recognized for academics, leadership, citizenship, and service 

Stanbury High School has selected 14 seniors to compete in the Wasatch Front Region of the Deseret News/KSL Sterling Scholar Program. 

The purpose of the Sterling Scholar Awards is to publicly recognize and encourage the pursuit of excellence in scholarship, community service, leadership and citizenship of public high school seniors in the state of Utah.

The Deseret News and KSL Broadcast Group developed the program in the 1960s to focus attention on outstanding seniors in order to recognize them publicly, as well as award cash scholarships and tuition waivers from participating institutions. 

A Sterling Scholar demonstrates excellence in academics, leadership, service, interview skills, and one of 15 specific categories, which include agriculture science, business and marketing, computer technology, dance, English and literature, family and consumer sciences, general scholarship, instrumental music, mathematics, science, speech and drama, skilled and technical education, visual arts, vocal performance, and world languages. 

Candidates for Sterling Scholar are selected by their high school. The Sterling Scholar Awards program seeks to commend and encourage excellence among all students. 

All nominees are judged equally on the basis of scholastic achievement, community service, leadership and citizenship without regard to religion, sex, political preference or national origin.

Below are the 14 Stanbury High Sterling Scholar contestants and a brief bio about their academic interests and passions. The bios were provided by SHS. 

Breanna Lund – Science

Lund is a first-generation Lao American student who is passionate about education and knowledge. She has always been drawn to science, knowing from a young age she had aspirations to work in medicine. Lund wrote in her portfolio, “I hope to be a Sterling Scholar not only to advocate for all Asian Americans, but also to be an advocate for women in STEM. Knowing firsthand the struggles being a minority in a challenging field brings, I hope to show younger generations that although it may feel like the world is against them, greatness is more than possible.” 

Emma Shumway – English

Emma is an 18-year-old senior at Stansbury High School who has a strong aptitude for the complexities and nuances of the English language, and who has given great attention to the needs of her community. She is published in the Tooele Transcript newspaper and has obtained great accomplishments, such as receiving the Youth Advocate of the Year Award at Tooele City Hall for her contributions in advocating against public health issues. She has spoken to multiple local and state leaders about these issues, of which she is passionate about, whilst utilizing the attributes of an English scholar to educate her community and advocate against substance misuse, particularly in the youth. She is an intuitive young woman who hopes to become a psychologist who helps others learn to express themselves with the use of strong personal diction.

Ethan Frailey – Computer Science

Ethan Frailey has lived in Utah for all of his life. He enjoys helping others and doing everything computer-related. He is really enthusiastic about utilizing the best technologies to make life both simple and secure. “After my mission, I intend to attend college to study cyber security and Ethical Hacking,” he stated. After that, I wish to get a job that I enjoy doing so that I can help my future family and others in need.”

Adrian Hinton – Visual Arts

While making his way through high school, Adrian has always given it his all. He has taken on many challenges like competing with three teams and college classes, all while enjoying a high school social life. His most reliable creative release has been the arts. Whether he is listening to, admiring, or creating, art is his favorite. He has learned that it works both as a means for connecting with others and as a relief for himself. Adrian urges all to “slow down today and look for the art in your world that has always been there.”

Abram Magleby – Mathematics

Abram has had an interest in learning for many years. This interest for learning is shown especially in his passion for mathematics. From the day that he first entered Stansbury High School as a Freshman he wanted to be the Math Sterling Scholar. He used his determination to do so. He has also used this determination to play for the High School soccer team and organize service as the President of National Honor Society. He has loved his time in high school and is excited to find out where a deeper understanding of math can take him.

Brooke Bolinder – Family and Consumer Science

Bolinder has lived in Stansbury Park her whole life. From a young age she fell in love with family consumer sciences and was eager to jump into Family and Consumer Science specific classes in junior high and high school. She fell in love with the FCS club called Family, Career and Community Leaders of America — FCCLA — and has spent her senior year serving as president. She loves getting to be a leader and set an example for the younger generation. They all call her “mother” and nothing makes Bolinder happier. Once done with her senior year, Bolinder wrote in her portfolio, “I plan on attending college for a year then will serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Once I get back I plan on enrolling in the nursing program at Snow College and will become a registered pediatric nurse.” Bolinder’s love for the FCS field won’t die after graduating and she’s excited to see where her passion takes her in life.

Jackson Marz – Instrumental Music

Marz has been surrounded by music for the better part of his life. This influence as well as a number of hardships have inspired him to make music and artistic creation the focus of his life. He plans on going to the University of Utah to study musical composition and technology while performing in a number of ensembles. This achievement is the start of a long creative journey that will span many mediums and has been aided by close family, friends, and instructors. 

“Without music, life would be a mistake… I would only believe in a God who knew how to dance.” —  Friedrich Nietzsche

Jacob Rich – Business and Marketing

Jacob has been wheeling and dealing since a young age. Whether it’s mowing lawns, selling lemonade, teaching Swedish to llamas, building fences, or trading stocks, Jacob’s done it all and liked it. Give it dollar signs and he’s interested. After graduating from high school, he plans on serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After that, he plans on going to college, getting married, and studying finance so he can become a business consultant. Jacob would also like to open a dojo and train the next generation of ninjas. 

Lizzie Rawlings – Dance

Lizzie has been training in classical ballet for nearly fourteen years. She began ballroom her freshman year and is currently the captain of her team. Lizzie’s passion for dance has continued to evolve. She loves being able to express herself through movement. Academics, service, and leadership are her other priorities as she continues to push herself to improve in every aspect of her life. 

Sophie Mackay – Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics

Sophie has been a competitive debater for over six years and an actress for three. While in high school, her interest in debate introduced her to the theater arts. She is currently the Debate Team Captain at Stansbury and the region champion in public forum debate. She is also the Drama Club Vice President and dance captain. She has been in six high school shows as both an actor and choreographer. She feels that her two loves of Debate and theater are vital for the human spirit. She views both as an expression of passion and places value in the logos and advocacy of debate and in the vulnerability and pathos of acting. 

Sophie has a love for medicine and currently works as a certified nursing assistant. She plans to pursue a career in the medical field or in healthcare policy. 

Samuel Barton – World Languages

Samuel has a love for the French language, culture, and people because of his French mother who instilled in him at a young age to be accepting of other cultures and people. He has been on several trips to France in his younger years visiting family and seeing the country and was able to gain the love for the culture. He took AP French during his Sophomore year and was able to pass the AP French exam and receive the Seal of Biliteracy. He is always asking about grammar rules of the French language and is striving to improve his French writing skills. He has a passion for weightlifting and staying fit. He also has a passion for the outdoors where in his free time he spends as much time mountain biking and enjoying what nature has to offer. He plans to attend Utah State University in the fall of 2022 after graduation.

Brayden Allen – Social Science

My name is Brayden Allen and I live in Stansbury Park Utah. I enjoy everything outdoors and love hiking and camping. I love to read. I enjoy traveling throughout the U.S. and have visited the Netherlands on a trip with my family, and Belize for a multi-week humanitarian trip helping to build a school. I really like learning about history and visiting the places I learn about throughout our wonderful country. I am our ward’s organist and enjoy playing the piano and other instruments in my spare time. While in high school, I founded a band with some friends. We play at different school and community activities and enjoy sharing our talents with others. I enjoy singing and am currently in my school’s advanced choir. I enjoy sports and am on the Tennis team at school. After High School, I plan on serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After my mission, I plan on attending Brigham Young University studying environmental engineering. I love animals and enjoy photography and astronomy. I like to work hard, but also like to have fun with my friends!

Ainsley Thurber – Skilled and Technical Science

Ainsley grew up with a dad who is an attorney and knew she didn’t like reading or writing as much as he did. Instead, she wanted to find something that would allow her to use her creative mind. In fourth grade she read “Who was Frank Lloyd Wright?” and it hit her — a path in architecture would be the perfect fit for her math-based, creative mind. Ainsley has been fortunate to take a number of design classes at Stansbury High and architecture classes with Mr. Valdez at Tooele High School and plans to pursue a degree in design and architecture in college.

Skyley Gutierrez – Vocal Performance

Gutierrez has loved singing since before she could talk and would hum herself to sleep. As she has grown older her passion for music and singing continues to grow stronger and stronger. Gutierrez has a goal to become a professional opera singer and voice teacher. In her portfolio she said “One of my biggest goals in my life is to stay true to what brings me joy and to never lose sight of turning my dreams into realities.” The Sterling Scholar was a big step towards her goal and it taught her that hard work pays off. 


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