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image These Stansbury Park Elementary students won the school’s annual Book Battle competition. Clockwise from left are Matthew Topham, Karlie Winn, Lexy Winn, Jeremy Ruebush, Aydin Sessions, Jeffrey Shaw, Angela Shaw, Taralyn Larsen, Lana Todd, Grace Stewart, Shawn Ringwood, Tatelyn Larsen, Luke Obray and Breanna Lund. Landon Richins is not pictured. photo courtesy of Kim Buckingham

April 25, 2013
Stansbury Park Elementary School awards Book Battle winners

The Book Battle is a fun and academic-based program that promotes a love of reading among students.

Stansbury Park Elementary students read a variety of books and were challenged to remember information about the plots, characters and settings of these books.

After taking a comprehension test in class, the 12 highest scorers from each grade level participated in a quiz-show style competition in front of their classmates.

Congratulations to the students who placed first, second and third in the Book Battle. They won gift cards for the Scholastic Book Fair and an ice cream party.

First place winners were second grader Tatelyn Larsen, third grader Breanna Lund, fourth grader Angela Shaw, fifth grader Landon Richins and sixth grader Aydin Sessions.

Second place winners were second grader Shawn Ringwood, third grader Lana Todd, fourth grader Taralyn Larsen, fifth grader Jeremy Ruebush and sixth grader Lexy Winn.

Third place winners were second grader Grace Stewart, third grader Matthew Topham, fourth grader Luke Obray, fifth grader Karlie Winn and sixth grader Jeffrey Shaw.

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