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December 4, 2012
Stansbury Park freeloads services

The article illustrating the property tax differences in the various communities of our county (“Tax bills vary widely across county depending on who takes what cut,” Nov. 27) is just plain deceptive. While showing Stansbury Park as having the highest property tax rates in the county, it does so by apparently lumping in the surrounding agriculture residents of Erda into the largely non-agricultural residential community of Stansbury Park. Specifically, the “Green Belt” assessment of $118 shown may only be applied to acreage that is used for agricultural purposes — i.e., not an integral part of the actual residence, such as the lawn, driveway or the lake. In fact, contrary to the illusion created by the graph in the article, Stansbury Park is largely freeloading services from residents in the other communities in the county. For example, while the incorporated communities in our county provide their own law enforcement needs, Stansbury Park does not. When I ran for the county commission a few years back, the candidates for the sheriff’s office bantered figures of 60 percent to 80 percent of the sheriff’s department resources are spent in Stansbury Park. Stansbury Park residents’ apparent unwillingness to take responsibility for their own service needs is impacting the rest of the county and it seems that that’s just fine with our commissioners.

William Bodine


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