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September 30, 2022
Stansbury remains undefeated after 49-0 walloping of Mountain View

On Senior Night, the Stansbury Stallions football team looked to extend its undefeated record to eight games against the Mountain View Bruins.

Playing host to the 1-6 Bruins, the Stallions’ 7-0 record was on the line in the team’s final home game of the regular season.

Mountain View got off to a shaky start, punting away the ball to Stansbury on its first two drives. Capitalizing on the failed Bruin possessions, the Stallions posted two quick touchdowns to take a 14-0 lead.

Following the second touchdown, things started getting disjointed for both teams. The Bruins continued to struggle both in the air and on the ground, giving the ball away to Stansbury on multiple three and outs.

On the Stallions end of things, unforced turnovers stalled what could have been an early runaway. Quarterback Ezra Harris threw three interceptions on three-straight drives to keep the score close. 

Fortunately for Harris and the Stallions, Mountain View failed to register any points on all three drives that followed their interceptions. After the three-drive hiccup kept Stansbury off the scoreboard, the team’s offense came alive and they started piling on the points. 

On its first drive of the second quarter, Stansbury extended its lead to 21-0 after two long runs by running back Brock Wilson put the team in scoring position and an eventual touchdown run by running back Dylan Hamilton.

To add insult to injury, Mountain View threw the ball away on the ensuing drive, with Hamilton being on the receiving end of the interception. Hamilton could not be taken down on the play and ran into the end zone for the pick-6 touchdown. After the successful extra point, Stansbury took a commanding 28-0 lead.

Mountain View continued its downward spiral for the remainder of the first half, failing to put together any quality drives, let alone score any points. Stansbury didn’t make things any easier for the Bruins, as two consecutive touchdown runs by running back Luke Daynes put the Stallions ahead by six touchdowns.

The 42-0 lead held at the end of the second quarter and both teams headed into the locker rooms at halftime with the game firmly in Stansbury’s hands.

As the second half began, and the mercy rule moving the game along with a running clock, time was the Bruins’ enemy. An early touchdown by Stansbury, putting them up 49-0, appeared to be the final dagger in the game.

The remainder of the third quarter became a back-and-forth affair, during which each team would get a scoreless possession before the other team got their turn. After a Stansbury interception and turnover on downs, Mountain View found itself in the Stallions’ red zone to start the fourth quarter.

In scoring possession for the first time in the game, Mountain View missed a field goal attempt and stayed off the scoresheet for the majority of the fourth. It wasn’t until the final three minutes of the game that the Bruins returned to Stansbury’s red zone, this time scoring a touchdown with under two minutes to play.

With their lead reduced to 42 points, and the score at 49-0, the Stallions let the clock wind down in their next possession. Final score; 49-7.

The win brings Stansbury to 8-0 as it takes to the road for the final two games of regional play. Next Thursday will see the Stallions take on the Payson Lions in Payson, with the game starting at 7 p.m.

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