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image The Stansbury Service Agency is hosting an art context for young people to paint murals inside the underpass tunnel beneath SR 138.

March 29, 2023
Stansbury underpass art contest

Youth and young adults in Tooele County have an opportunity to express their creativity in an upcoming contest painting murals on sections of the Stansbury underpass.

Submissions are being accepted beginning now until Apr. 10 to decorate a six foot by six square section of the underpass that runs under state-Route 138 and connects to Porter Way Park.

There are 50 slabs that the Stansbury Service Agency would like local artists aged eight to 26 to paint unique murals on.

For every age category — eight to 10, 11 to 13, 14 to 15, 16 to 18, and 19 to 26 — there will be winners chosen who will later be able to transfer their designs to their slab of the tunnel.

All submissions should have the theme of “colors of our history paint a bright future”.

“We want to see a combination of people, places, events, things, or ideas from past, present, or future times as long as there is some type of connection to Tooele County,” Ashlyn Garrard, executive assistant at the Stansbury Service Agency said.

Artist should take their submissions to the Stansbury Clubhouse, located at 1 Country Club Drive on the shore of Stansbury Lake during business hours of Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., or submit a digital photo of their painting on under the “events” tab.

Submissions should be painted on a square, include multiple colors, and be accompanied by a written explanation by the artist of how the submission applies to them and Tooele County.

So far, there haven’t been many submissions, but Service Agency officials are encouraging those who want to enter to do so.

“A lot of the time we don’t put ourselves out there because of judgment, but we would love you to just try,” Gerrard said. “You never know who you could touch by your artwork or what you could portray.”

From Apr. 23-28, submissions will be posted online and displayed at the clubhouse, and community members will be able to vote on which submissions they like best. The final decision of the final 50 winners will ultimately be determined by the Service Agency.

On May 1, winners will be announced at

“This is a great opportunity to showcase talents and to participate in a big event that will help the community,” Gerrard said.

On May 4-13, artists will be able to transfer their design to their slab of the tunnel.

The Service Agency will provide all the materials artists will need, and professional artists will help those who are chosen with their mural.

The contest was created because of illegal graffiti in the tunnel.

“We are constantly cleaning up graffiti and they are constantly coming back and doing it again,” Garrard said. “We thought maybe we should put together an art competition to bring out the youth who would like to do murals down there. From what we’ve heard, when there are murals someplace, the graffiti artists respect that and they will stop doing graffiti.”


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