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December 6, 2022
Stansbury Wrestling Club produces winners at every level

Each year, athletes from around Tooele County participate in a wrestling club during the spring and summer months. Dubbed the Stansbury Wrestling Club, wrestlers from both elementary and high school levels get a chance to expand upon their skillset. 

Coach Tyson Linnell, who also coaches the Stansbury High boys wrestling team, has overseen the program for 11 years and says the club is a great opportunity for athletes of all capabilities to learn a variety of wrestling styles and gain a real passion for the sport.

“Most kids are intimidated by Freestyle and Greco because of the high amplified throws that can occur during matches, ‘’ Linnell said. “By the end of the spring and summer, they all have a real passion for both styles.”

Linnell also noted that the club allows wrestlers to stay sharp and in shape in advance of the upcoming fall season. Not only are they sharpening their skills, the wrestlers get more exposure during the nationals competitions.

“This is how you get your name known locally and nationally in the wrestling community, ‘’ he said. “When we have kids participating at nationals they aren’t just representing Stallions Wrestling Club they are representing Team Utah.”

During this year’s nationals competition, eight of 11 kids wrestlers placed in the top-10 of several freestyle and Greco categories.

All 11 kids nationals participants:

Tytan Turner (placed 4th in Freestyle)

Hayzon Walker (placed 7th in Freestyle and 4th in Greco)

Remingtin Turner (placed 4th  in Freestyle and 4th in Greco)

Blakelee Turner (placed 6th in Freestyle)

Kiylur Griffith (placed 8th in Freestyle)

Archer Schooley (placed 4th in Freestyle)

Kayce Linnell 1st in Freestyle and 1st in Greco

Keian Linnell 1st in Freestyle and 1st in Greco

Yama Zukeran

Mark Tate

Ashton Walker

In addition to nationals participants, Linnell’s club sent nine high school wrestlers to the USA Wrestling’s 16 and under Junior Freestyle and Greco National Championships this past July in Fargo, North Dakota. Although none of the nine placed in the event, which hosted over 5,000 wrestlers from around the country, Linnell said the opportunity to participate alone was invaluable.

High school national championship participants:

Carson Ashcroft

Brandon Ploehn

Ian Rogers

Kole Johnson

Addy Van Cott

KacieJean Nicholes

Kortnee Selin

Ali Acosta

Abi Acosta

“It was great for them to go out there and get to experience such a great event,” he said.

Ultimately each student who participates in the annual club elevates not only their skill level, but also their shot at furthering their wrestling career at the collegiate level. As a result of club competitions in the past, 15 wrestlers have earned some degree of scholarship, anywhere from junior college to Division 1 level schools.

“The value of the overall program for me is getting wrestlers prepared to wrestle at the highest level, whether it be in high school, or moving onto college after high school,” Linnell said. “We had a lot of kids really big jumps in their skills and technique, and I can’t wait to see it all pay off this winter.”


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