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April 15, 2014
State will accept late candidate pledge forms

Pledge of Fair Campaign Practices: As you will recall some of the candidates were not able to submit their “Pledge of Fair Campaign Practices” because they tried to file them after the filing deadline on March 20.

I checked with the Lt. Governor’s office who stated the form had to be filed with the rest of the filing documents (Utah Code 20A-9-202). Therefore, when those candidates came in to file their documents after the filing date, I had to decline them.

Today, however, all county clerks in the state received an email from Mark J. Thomas, Chief Deputy/Director of Elections, Lt. Governor’s office stating: “After reviewing Utah Code 20A-9-206, there is a question as to whether the fair campaign pledge form could be submitted at anytime.

Rather than make this a legal issue, our advice is to interpret it liberally and allow candidates to file this form at anytime, including after the filing period.” The state will, therefore, accept pledges from state candidates, and the counties will follow suit. This is one of the sections of code that will be cleaned up during the interim legislative session.

I have contacted those candidates who have not filed their forms, letting them know we will accept them if they would like to turn them in. I will also update their filing documents on the internet.

Board Opening: The Tourism Tax Advisory Board has an opening for a person interested in bringing cultural attractions to Tooele County. The position is open until May 1, 2014. If you think you may be interested, please follow this link to get more information and an application.

High school elections: One of the best things about spring in the clerk’s office is high school elections. Last Friday we ran Tooele High elections. This week we’ll be involved in Stansbury High elections and next month we’ll run two elections for Grantsville High.

This utilizes the voting machines, helps myself and my staff keep sharp on programming the data base, testing the machines and more. It makes the elections easier on the teachers and gives the students the advantage of being involved in the election process. Many of the students go on to be election judges in the community at which they’re attending college. It’s a home run all the way around!


Marilyn K. Gillette Tooele County Clerk


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