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April 19, 2023
Statesman Ties

Twin Erda brothers have the perfect tie for every occasion 

Blake and Brent Beazer took over a business called “Statesman Ties” in 2021. Now, they have ties representing all 50 states, 100 countries, the military, police and more, along with stickers, necklaces, and pins.

Both brothers have always enjoyed finding the perfect tie, but for several years before acquiring the business, Blake had a love of gifting his personal ties to Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint missionaries.

“I was a bishop at the time and I had some ties from my mission that I had collected that I was giving away to the young men who were serving missions in my ward,” Blake said. “They were my ties and they had a story, so I told them the story and they had meaning.”

After giving all of his ties away, Blake ran out, so he visited Deseret Industries to purchase additional ties to give away to the young men.

“I went in search of more ties at D.I. and I said, ‘I can’t give these kids D.I. ties,’” he said. “I had to go in search of a tie and I found Statesman ties. I contacted the owner and I started buying lots of ties from him.”

Blake enjoyed the ties that came from the company, because they were personalized with the colors and flag logos of different states and countries.

“I started using the ties as my go-to gift for friends and I bought him [Brent] a Brazil tie, because that’s where he went on his mission,” Blake said. “I was buying ties like crazy from this guy.”

Because Blake purchased so many ties, when the owner of the business was ready to take on a new life opportunity, he reached out to him to offer purchase of his business.

At first, Blake said no, because he was too busy. A month later, the owner reached out again.

“I decided to ask my twin [Brent] if he wanted to run the business with me,” Blake said.

Brent decided to take on the business with his brother, because he wanted to spend more time with him.

“My initial response was, ‘Are you crazy?’” Brent said. “I just said, ‘Sure, let’s go for it. Let’s give it a shot.’ We had lived close for the past 16 years but we didn’t see each other often, because we were both super busy. This was an opportunity to see him more.”

When the two brothers purchased the business, there were 32 ties representing different states with their colors and flag logos. The 32 states were primarily states where LDS missionaries were often sent.

“Our first order of business was to get to 50 states,” Brent said. “The 18 missing states weren’t good sellers. There were New England States, Midwest States, and states that don’t have a lot of missionaries.”

The brothers were able to quickly design and create ties representing the 18 missing states. They also created ties for 100 countries, which all sold well.

“We knew we could take the business started by this guy years ago and grow it,” Blake said. “We knew we could turn it into something bigger and better.”

Along with designing the remaining states and countries, the brothers offered custom personalization on the back of each tie for an additional $10.

“The tag can say whatever they want,” Brent said.

They also designed military ties, police and fire ties, a temple tie, and a Pride tie.

“We have a lot of ties to represent where you’re from, where you’ve been, and where you have a connection to,” Brent said.

Their tagline is “A tie that means something.”

The ties are 100% silk and can be worn to any occasion.

“They can be worn to a church event, as a missionary, or to a business event,” Brent said. “We’ve sold them to ambassadors, congressmen, and senators. We just shipped one to the president of Guatemala … They can be worn anywhere by anyone.”

Their ties are $34.99 and come in two widths: classic, which is 3 1/4  inches and skinny, which is 2 1/2 inches. Each tie is 61 inches long.

Altogether, with all of the different widths and designs, there are 300 different ties.

Christmas and Father’s Day are the two busiest times of the year. Each holiday they sell around 1,500.

On average each month, they sell around 200 ties. Women are their biggest customers, because they buy them for their husbands and sons.

Recently, the brothers added pins and stickers, and will be adding necklaces very soon.

“We just got the necklaces in this week,” Blake said. “We wanted them to be conservative and simple.”

“We wanted a product for women, so they can connect in the same way as the men,” Brent said.

The necklaces include an outline of each state and country along with the initials of the area and a small heart.

Throughout their time owning the business, there have been ups and downs.

“It’s really been a great adventure,” Brent said. “We’ve made mistakes along the way and that’s been one of the cool things. It hasn’t crippled the business. It’s been fun learning through good choices, and mistakes as well.”

The brothers have had trouble with social media and are thankful for their children who help them.

Brent enjoys working with manufacturers.

“My favorite part of running the business, besides working with my brother and our family, is learning,” Brent said. “We’ve had to learn how to work with manufacturing partners all over the world and learn how to build and maintain websites.”

Blake’s favorite part of the business has been designing ties.

“My job as a doctor isn’t very creative, so I enjoy design,” he said.

Moving forward, the brothers want to increase their sales.

“We want to double what we are doing currently,” Blake said. “That will include figuring out our marketing and our social media.”

Statesman Ties was first started in 2006.

“He [the former owner] was a missionary in Ukraine and received some paper ties written with messages and notes from the people that he had met in the Ukraine when he was leaving an area,” Brent explained. “They were such wonderful keepsakes that he said, ‘Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I had a tie that I could actually wear that would remind me of these people and my memories of Ukraine?’ So, he decided to start a tie business.”

The previous owner started by designing ties representing areas with many missionaries including Brazil, and Argentina, and the 32 states.

“He started selling ties and saw it was successful,” Brent said. “He added ties each year and grew it into a business that was legit.”

To purchase a tie, please visit

“If you have to wear a tie, you should wear a tie that means something,” Blake said.

Brent and Blake want to thank their family and wives, Alexis and Maren who have helped them with their business.


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