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April 26, 2012
Sterling Scholars Grantsville High School 2012

Grantsville High School is proud to announce the  2011-2012  Deseret News Sterling Scholar Award winners. Twelve seniors represented GHS this year in the Sterling Scholar competition.

Meghan Allen: skilled and technical sciences

Meghan Allen is the daugh- ter of Angela and Brent Allen. She loves her career and tech- nical education classes, espe- cially woods. Her involvement in the trade and technical pro- gram has exceeded even her own expectations. She  said  through her involvement  with Future Farmers of America, her biotechnology classes and woodshop, she’s found  her  niche.  Allen  is a natural  born  leader  and is a great example to all the other students at school. She earned her FFA State Degree, which is the highest degree a student can earn. She was the FFA reporter for 2010-2011. Allen has also participated in National Honor Society and served as treasurer in 2010-2011 and is president this school year. She also placed as an Academic All-State in ten- nis. Allen has taken concurrent enrollment college classes as well as AP English. She has participated on an All-star softball team since 2008, was a member of track and field and the bowl- ing team in 2010-2011. She was also a member of the basket- ball team from 2008 to 2010 and has been a Key Club member since 2008. Her concurrent GPA is 3.97 and she scored a 23 on the ACT. Allen will attend Dixie State College on scholarship this fall where she will focus her studies in the biotechnology field.

Katelin Christensen: social sciences

Katelin Christensen is the daughter of Keith and Jenean Christensen. She is enthralled with the social science areas and the justice system. She said she is fascinated by the study of peo- ple and  societies. Through  her involvement in social sciences she has been able to better con- nect with the world around her because she has a better knowledge of what is going on around her and how policies operate. Christensen was selected to be a delegate to the National 4-H Conference in Washington, D.C., this past April. While there she was  selected  to  be  a  member” of a roundtable focusing on the environment and she was able to present to the staff of the Secretary of the Interior. She was was able to lobby  for  support of the 4-H program. Christensen has participated in mock trial, model UN, NHS, FFA and 4-H. She also enjoys playing on  the tennis team and has competed in varsity single, and varsity dou- bles. She served as team captain and led her team to win first in region. Christensen also enjoys music and participates in show choir, jazz band, honor district jazz band and earned  superi- or ratings at Region and State Solo and Ensemble. She plays the tenor saxophone, clarinet and piano. Christensen has par- ticipated in the school musicals “Les Miserables,” “Ruddigore” and “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat.” She has earned numerous music awards outside of the school set- ting. She has also earned numerous county fair awards and has performed in numerous ven- ues. Christensen has earned her Young Woman Medallion Award and served as a church youth leader. Her  concurrent GPA is 3.95 and she scored a 24 on the ACT. She plans to major in his- tory and earn  double  minors in music and English. She then plans to go on to law school and achieve her dream of becoming a top-notch defense attorney.

Christina Cox: mathematics

Christina Cox is the daughter of Michale and Diane Cox. There are two things that describe her: math nerd and  fish  because she loves numbers and she loves to swim. Cox is proud of her accomplishment of passing the AP calculus test as a junior. She has shown interest in math and engineering for many years. She was lucky enough to attend the Expanding your Horizons Conference both years of junior high. This conference focused on increased representation of females in the areas of math, science and engineering. In eighth grade she surpassed junior high math, so she started attending the high school math classes. During her high school career her love for math has continued to increase. Cox has enjoyed participating on the swim team and served as team captain this school year. Her class load has included five AP classes, including calculus and physics, as well as concurrent enrollment college classes. She has taken American Sign Language classes for three years and enjoys doing sign. Cox is an active member of the Girl Scouts of America and has earned gold, silver and bronze awards. She is also  a  member of the NHS, co-leader of a special needs Girl Scout troop and a youth leader in her church group. Cox has rendered many, many hours of volunteer service with all of her activities. She is a member of the Tooele Valley Teenage Republicans and the Math Engineering Science Achievement club.  Cox  is  also a member of the debate team. She was also named valedictorian for this year’s graduating class. Her concurrent GPA is 3.93 and she scored a 28 on the ACT. As you might have guessed, Cox will major in mathematics upon graduation.


Zac Erickson: general

Zac Erickson is the son of Jeff and Cristian Erickson. He has been heavily involved with GHS during his four years. He has participated on the swim team, cross country team, cabaret singers show choir, legacy ballroom dancers, student council and NHS. Erickson is employed part time  and  also  received the Grantsville Mayor’s Youth Recognition Award in 2010. He received the award for outstanding school citizenship, being a friend to all and setting an example of high standards. He has earned his Eagle Scout Award, black belt in Taekwondo and is actively involved in his church. Erickson has enjoyed being senior class vice president this year and has put many hours into this position. He has enjoyed tak- ing concurrent enrollment college classes while attending GHS. Students often see him walking the halls of GHS playing his ukulele. His concurrent GPA is 3.89 and he scored a 33 on the ACT. Erickson will attend Utah State University in the fall on scholarship where he plans to explore his options to see what career path he would like to pursue.


Jessica    Gunderson:    family and consumer science

Jessica Gunderson is the daughter of Cheri and Clint Gunderson. She has enjoyed her family and consumer science classes and said they have helped her to understand and relate to other people with challenges. She has learned skills she will need to take care of her future family and community members. Gunderson enjoys work- ing with people of varied dis- abilities. She has helped with the Special Olympics and has been a co-leader for a special needs Girl Scout troop. She is a Girl Scout Council delegate, and has earned a Girl Scout gold award. Other awards she has received include  the  Prudential   Spirit of Community Award, Tooele County Community Hero Award and the Presidential Service Award-Gold Level. Gunderson was second attendant and Miss Congeniality for Miss Grantsville 2011. She has competed with Family, Career and Community Leaders of America and is a member of the cross country and track teams and FFA. She is a peer tutor for the special needs classroom and has earned her Young Woman Medallion Award at church. She has also given hundreds of hours of service to her community. Her concurrent GPA is 2.59 and she scored a 16 on the ACT. Gunderson plans to pursue her education and follow her dreams to become a veterinarian. She also plans on work- ing with people with disabilities. Gunderson is an example to all as we watch her render service to others in all walks of life. She is a well-rounded individual and gives much back to her community.


Hayley Mander: science

Hayley Mander is the daughter of Angie Peterson and Matthew Mander. She loves all things science and is the female version of “Bill Nye The Science Guy.” Mander is a self-described science nerd. She even asked for a microscope one year for Christmas. She excels in both math and science and because of those strengths, really excels in the biochemistry area. Mander has taken many concurrent enrollment college classes as well as AP calculus and AP English. She has also participated in the pharmacy technician program and works part time at Birch Family Pharmacy. Mander has been a member of the NHS, served as FFA historian, is a member of Key Club, is a member of the bowling team and participated in track and field. She has also been a member of the soccer team for four years and served as junior varsity captain in 2010-2011 and head captain in 2011-2012. She also designed the soccer team logo. Mander displays incredible leadership skills, both in her sports activities and in her classroom activities. Her teachers describe her as an optimistic person who others look to for friendship and advice.  Her  concurrent  GPA is 3.85 and she scored a 25 on the ACT. Mander will pursue her education and obtain a bachelor’s degree in biology. Her career goal is to obtain a position in a crime lab.


McKenzie Martin: English

McKenzie Martin is the daughter of Julia and Eddie Martin. She has been very involved in her years at GHS. She has been a member of the basketball team, volleyball team, tennis team and track team. Her motto is “Carpe Diem.” She said by seizing the day she has had numerous opportunities not only to discover and pursue her interests, but also to develop her talents in a wide variety of areas. In addition to being involved in sports, Martin has been a member of the NHS as well as sophomore class secretary and junior class vice president. She was also voted homecoming queen in 2011. Martin plays the piano and guitar as well as being a gifted singer. She even composes her own music. She enjoys writing novels and short stories as well as writing poetry. Martin placed in the Visions competition in several categories: first in poetry, second in musical competition and third in photography. She has also been published. She submitted a short story to a religious mag- azine called “The Friend.” One of her teachers describes her as bright with a tremendous desire to learn, and this definitely sums her  up.  Her  concurrent GPA is 3.99 and she scored a 28 on the ACT. Martin plans on pursuing her education at USU where she will obtain her elementary education degree.


Tesia Olney: music

Tesia Olney is the daughter of Karen and  Bruce Olney.  She  is a fantastic musician. She feels words are inadequate to express herself and music is the only thing she’s found that fully encompasses and brings out  the  entirety of her own expression and soul. Olney is involved in music in many aspects. She is a tutor, performer and member of Salt Lake City Youth Philharmonic. She was the bass drum line section leader for the 2011 march- ing band. She has performed at numerous community gatherings. Olney has received superior ratings at the Region 11 Solo and Ensemble Festival. In addition to playing, Olney also enjoys singing and has participated in the show choir. She takes private flute lessons and plays in the bass line. Olney has also been involved with student government as the sophomore and junior class historian. She has participated in varsity cross country as well. Olney has earned her Young Woman Medallion Award in her church youth program and gave many hours of service while earning that award, including doing performances and activities for Diamond Jane’s Assisted Living Center in Grantsville. In addition, she has nine other siblings and said she’s learned to enjoy being in the spotlight while also allowing others to shine. Her concurrent GPA is 3.63 and she scored a 21 on the ACT. Olney will pursue a double major in music and psychology following graduation.


Richard “Ricki” Rowe: visual arts

Ricki Rowe is the son of Jeannie Rowe. He is an extremely talented artist. He recently placed third in the Tooele County School District Art Show. Rowe has an extensive background in artwork and drawing. He has a strong desire to be successful at all he sets out to do. His art teacher said he has a love for the arts and over the years his style and technique have grown and improved with great strides. He has worked hard to nurture his skills and he has pushed himself to go above and beyond. In addition to the hours he spends on his artwork, Rowe also participates with the ballroom dance team. He has earned his  Duty To God Award with his religious organization and has given service as a youth leader. Rowe has also given guitar lessons and sells commissioned art work to earn money. You may want to be one of the lucky ones who has original work done by Rowe so that when he is famous, you can brag that you have one of his starting pieces. Rowe also loves science, — especially chemistry. His concurrent GPA is 3.48. He plans to pursue his education and study chemical engineering.


Logan Serr: computer technology

Logan Serr is the son of Ammie and Lane Serr. He loves computers and being on the cutting edge of technology. His free time is spent working on computers and tinkering around their insides. Serr’s information technology instructor for his A+ Computer Maintenance and Repair class at the Community Learning Center said he does all his work with exactness and is respectful of everyone and has a good attitude and work ethic. Last Christmas, Serr ordered all the parts necessary and put together a custom computer. He also keeps very busy as senior class president. He can be seen every day walking the halls with a huge grin on his face. He is friendly to everyone. He also enjoys playing music and is an accomplished guitar player. He built a makeshift studio and spends much of his free time recording his music. Serr has earned his Eagle Scout Award and has participated in Junior Jazz basketball, the track team, student government and the Key Club. He has taken many concurrent enrollment college classes as he prepares to attend college.

His concurrent GPA is 3.71 and he scored a 29 on the ACT. Serr plans on attending USU where he will study computer information systems in preparation for his dream job to head a computer department.


Bryson Stevens: foreign lan- guage

Bryson Stevens is the son of Traci and Val Stevens. He is com- peting in Chinese, which is a foreign language he has  come to love and appreciate. Stevens has enjoyed having a  pen  pal in a foreign country and loves reading and writing the Chinese language. In addition to his love of the Chinese language, he loves the culture. He is able to memorize the minute details of complicated Chinese characters which allows him to excel in the language. He is quite artistically minded, both visually and with musical arts, which helps him see the different tones and fluctuations in the tone-dependent language of Chinese. Stevens has earned his black belt in Taekwondo and is a member of NHS. He is a musician in the orchestra where he plays cello and he sings in the show choir. He has participated in English Quest and is a member of Skills USA. He has also earned his Eagle Scout Award and has served as team captain on the cross country team where he was named top varsity  runner. Stevens  has served as a merit badge instructor at Camp Steiner for the Boy Scouts of America. He also finds time to volunteer at an inner city school in Salt Lake City. Stevens has taken concurrent enrollment college classes as well as AP classes. He has tremendous integrity and is known for having character above reproach. His concurrent GPA is 3.90 and he scored a 27 on the ACT. He will pursue his college education in Asian studies and plans on a career involving different aspects of translating Chinese. Stevens also plans on serving an LDS mission after graduation. Then, he will continue his studies at  USU where he  has been accepted.


Lauren Watson: dance

Lauren Watson is the daughter of Cari Watson. She has had to learn to prioritize her time so she could be involved with the heavy demands of dance,  ice  skating, cheer and her school work. Watson has danced with Ballet West and participated competitively in ice skating for six years. She will be competing at the regional Sterling Scholar competition in jazz dance. Watson has been named head cheerleader both for JV and varsity squads. Her cheer adviser said she has been a key choreographer for the team and is well trained in dance technique and fundamentals. She has been a key component to the GHS cheer program. Watson has demonstrated leadership skills as well as dedication throughout her four years of high school. She has earned her Young Woman Medallion Award at church and spent many hours completing the required service projects. Her concurrent GPA is

3.87 and she scored a 21 on the ACT. Watson plans on attend- ing the University of Utah for her undergraduate degree where she will complete her studies in pre-dentistry. She will then continue her advanced education to become a dentist.


Biographical information provided by Marty Wallace, GHS Sterling Scholar coordinator.


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