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June 7, 2016
Stolen Memorial Day flowers

Every year my sister Sharon McCoy and I decorate the cemetery on Memorial Day to express our remembrance and honor our loved ones who have passed before us. We pick out beautiful flowers, set them on the graves, make sure they are watered each day and remove them when required.

To the person or persons responsible for taking the flowers that were bought in remembrance of Ruth and Milt Lee — our dear mother, father, sister, and aunt and uncle; who also took the planter from grandpa and grandma Lee the night of Memorial Day; who also took the planter for Mary Belle Johannson, sweet sister and cousin (they waited three days to take hers); then proceeded to take the beautiful planter left for Dan and Inez Whitehouse by her daughter Danny and her husband John and me — I hope you can sleep with a clean conscience, because I think this is as low as anyone can get. More important than the $100 in flowers you took is that you have trespassed and taken something very meaningful and personal to us.

I like to think the world is a great place with honest people in it, but sometimes I am just overwhelmed by how cruel people can be.

Wise up people. Be honest, caring and trustworthy.

Kathy Whitehouse


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