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June 28, 2018
Stop Auto-Play in Safari for all websites on your Mac

One of the most compelling arguments for replacing an old Mac with a new one that is running macOS Sierra or High Sierra, is you will have the option to put an end to videos auto-playing in Safari 11 and other programs.

Ranking high on the “annoyance” chart is just about anything Auto-Play! Whether it is Facebook, Safari or any other program, I think most of us agree that we feel it should be our choice whether to play the video or not.

Open your Safari and then select Safari at the top and then Preferences from the menu.

When the box opens, select Websites at the top and then Auto-Play at the left.

This will display all the websites you now have open and it may also show you websites where you have already opted to make a choice about auto-play. If you want to change these, click the box and then make your choice.

If you go down to the bottom and right side of the box, you can make your choice for other websites, too. Click the box and make your choice.

You may, perhaps like me, be interested in knowing the difference between “Stop Media with Sound” and “Never Auto-Play.” 

Stop Media with Sound is the default setting and depending on the settings of the website, a video may begin playing, but the sound will be muted, and you must un-mute it if you want to hear it.

If you want to completely stop all videos from auto-playing, where it asks “When visiting other websites,” select Never Auto-Play. When you visit a website where you actually want to watch and hear the video, you’ll need to select the Play button.

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