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October 20, 2020
Stop the rezoning

As residents of Lake Point we would like to weigh in on the subjects of growth, developers, and referendums.

We have lived in Lake Point since 1997. Our small subdivision comprises 1-acre lots, consistent with the one house per acre zoning. In 1998 we were subjected to Chris Robinson’s Saddleback development. 

We can’t tell you how many meetings we attended at the local fire station along with other concerned residents. The county officials, along with Robinson, showed us countless drawings and promised they knew what was best for our community. Many long time residents gave up on attending these meetings saying it was a waste of time, the county wasn’t going to listen to us. And we have to admit, that’s what happened.  

Back in 1998, we knew nothing about referendums. Instead of just throwing in the towel, we should have educated ourselves on our options. 

Teryl Hunsaker, who was the chairman of the County Commission, sold Lake Point out. And if you don’t believe me, just take a look at the 50 year development agreement between Chris Robinson and the County.  

Robinson continues to this day to add property to this agreement. This has opened the door to other developers wanting the same deal to rezone.

Fast forward to 2018 and the request to rezone 1,444 acres in Lake Point by Kennecott.  This development proposes 4,710 units (single-family, two to four story residential units), a carbon copy of their Daybreak development.  

We weren’t going to sit back and allow the planning commission and County Commissioners to chip away at Lake Point’s core value — a rural community. So we got on board with the referendum. And lo and behold, we succeeded in gathering 2,765 valid signatures to get this petition on the Nov. 2020 ballot.  

We were assigned “Proposition 2” by the State. 

Let us stress, we are not trying to stop the growth, only trying to get the county to abide by the existing zoning laws.  

Since 2018, the Planning Commission and County Commissioners have rubber stamped as many requests to rezone as possible, with no regard for what the residents may want.

What follows is the key of the 1998 agreement between Robinson and the County: “To the extent this Agreement or the Project requires any rezoning of the Property, the County agrees to take all steps necessary to cause such rezoning to take place.”

They assure the developer he will get what he asks for!

I’ve read some people suggest “working” with the developers.  

Kennecott did reach out to us to find out what a group of us foresaw in a new Adobe Rock Ranch. We stressed Lake Point used to be 1-acre lots and that’s what we hoped to see in their next proposal. Well, at the last meeting, Sept. 24, 2019, all of their proposals had no 1-acre lots.  None of our suggestions were utilized — so much for working with a developer.

Most new residents to unincorporated Tooele County, will tell you they moved here to get out of the city, the ability to purchase larger lots, and more than anything, to live a rural lifestyle. I don’t think they anticipated four-story apartments in their backyards.

This isn’t the only development proposed along SR-36, but it is the largest.  

Proposition 1 involves a rezone in Erda, behind Bargain Buggies.  All of these affect all our lives, not just Lake Point’s. 

Consider these points: Traffic — 6,503 proposed new homes, 13,006 more cars, 97,545 more trips/day. The breakdown: Erda Bros. 1,2, & 3; Adobe Rock Ranch, Skywalk, Shoshone.

These figures don’t include Saddleback’s 4,500 home development in progress in Lake Point or all the building in Stansbury Park. 

So the tally could be approximately 11,003 new homes, 22,426 more cars and 168,195 more trips /day. Schools — Overcrowding, as of Oct. 1, 2018 Stansbury High School was 142% of ideal capacity, Tooele High School was at 137% ideal capacity. Sewer — The state of Utah Water Quality could not give an answer regarding Lake Point’s sewer pond’s capacity. In prior meetings with Kennecott, they would have to build a sewage treatment plant. Water — We are in a drought and Utah is the driest state in the nation. Kennecott has industrial water rights and stated they would have to build a water treatment plant. The majority of their industrial water lies in the Lake Point, Stansbury, Erda region. This could jeopardize the existing wells.

All of these talking points will affect the whole county. They will affect you. Your quality of life in Tooele County is being degraded by rubber stamping unchecked, irresponsible growth. Your vote against Proposition 2 and against Proposition 1 will send the message — stop the rezoning!

Nick and Donna Phillips


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