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April 27, 2017
Stuck disk, unable to empty trash or Finder freezes?

If your disk gets stuck in your Mac, or you are unable to empty your trash, or if your Finder application ever freezes, here’s how to remedy these issues.

Have you ever had a CD or DVD get stuck in your Mac? Whether you have an iMac or a MacBook, there are other ways to get the disk to pop out. Open Finder and then select Applications. Next, double-click the Utilities folder and then double-click Terminal. Once the terminal window opens, type: “drutil eject” (without the quotation marks and it is two words) and then press enter. Your disk should eject within a couple moments.

Has your Mac’s trash ever refused to empty? Sometimes, if we delete a file that is still in use, the trash will refuse to throw it away. It may be that the file you deleted is a system file that is needed to run macOS Sierra. Search through your files contained in your trash for any files you may have deleted that that you don’t recognize. You can search online to identify the file, and if you find that you have inadvertently deleted the wrong file, just highlight the file and select File and then Put Back. If you are still unable to empty your trash, first, make certain you have backed up all your personal files. Open trash and hold down the alt key and select Finder and then select Empty Trash.

Whenever an app freezes or stops responding, you can force it to quit by selecting the Apple menu and then Force Quit. Look at the apps running and select the one you want to quit and then select the Force Quit button. This works for all your running apps, except for Finder.

If you find that your Finder is unresponsive, hold down the Alt key, then click and hold on the Finder icon in the dock and in the menu that appears, select Relaunch. Your Finder will close and reopen.

If you find that any of these solutions don’t solve your problems, you may have more serious issues with your Mac and you should take it to a professional.

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