Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

April 5, 2005
Students effort praised

Whenever the problems of the world become hopelessly overwhelming, it never fails that an individual or group steps forward to restore our faith in humanity. Such a group stepped up recently, and the fact that it was elementary school children is an amazing tribute to the character of the kids we have in our community.

Recently Tracy Schaffer, one of our county SANE nurses, became aware that the local women’s shelter was desperately low on canned food items. Tracy mentioned it to her son Tyler, who was inspired to take the issue to the student body officers at Stansbury Park Elementary. A food drive was coordinated for the benefit of the shelter — and with the support of the PTA and the school staff — an incredible feat was accomplished. Those kids enthusiastically committed to the effort and brought in over 4,000 canned and boxed food items! As the food was boxed up to be transported to the shelter, kids aged 5 through 12 walked by and gazed in awe at the mountain of food they had assembled. Comments were made with pride and satisfaction that “nobody will be hungry now!”

The food drive was so successful that the shelves of the shelter were filled to overflowing, and the balance (two additional truckloads!) was taken to the Tooele food bank. The Division of Child and Family Services works closely with the residents of the shelter, as well as many of the families in need who depend on the food bank. On behalf of the Tooele office of DCFS, we would like to recognize and applaud the children involved in this project. We would also like to express our appreciation for the parents and other involved adults who are helping to instill the sense of community service in our children.

Karen Kuipers

Tooele Office of the Division

of Child and Family Services

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