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May 16, 2013
Tailoring preferences in Outlook can increase productivity

The new online offers features that its desktop version of Outlook offers to the business world, helping you be more productive and professional.

Get into your Microsoft email, and once you are taken to your inbox, near the top-right, click on the white “sprocket” symbol and click “More mail settings.” A new window will open. Click the “Email forwarding” link on the left side.

“Email forwarding” works well when you need your email sent to another address, whether permanently or temporarily. You can also consolidate several addresses into a single email address, making them easier to manage. Just select “Forward your mail to another email account,” type the email address where you want your messages forwarded, and checkmark the box “Keep a copy of forwarded messages in your Outlook inbox.” Click “Save” when you have made your choices. When you need to turn it off, just come back and select “Don’t forward” and then “Save.”

Under “Writing email” on the left, click “Formatting, font and signature.” The first section allows you to change the appearance of your text. You can select the font type, size and the text color. There is an example of what it will look like in the box under the options.

Next, you can type in your personal signature, along with your contact information, or whatever you deem important to display. This will be included on every email you send. I recommend you send one to yourself to make sure it states and appears as you desire. Click “Save” when you are ready.

Outlook gives you the option to have your incoming emails grouped by conversation. What this means is if you have an email going back and forth with several recipients and you are all dealing with a particular subject, those emails will be grouped together so you can easily keep up on what everyone has to say. To enable this, on the left, click “Group by conversation and pre-load messages.” Under “Conversation settings,” you can select either to “Show messages individually,” or “Group messages by conversation.”

The next section, “Message pre-loading settings,” allows you to have your emails automatically downloaded so you can move more quickly between messages. Make your choice and click “Save” when you are ready. You can easily change these settings back if you don’t agree with what they do.

Lastly, if you don’t like the ads that are shown while you are in your Outlook email, you can upgrade your account to the paid version by clicking “Upgrade to Ad-free Outlook” and following the instructions. This option has a couple of benefits that you may feel is worth the $20 annual fee. Along with the absence of advertisements, your email account will not expire. Per Microsoft’s services agreement, free accounts must be logged into every 270 to 365 days or the account may be deleted.

As you can see, there are many options you can tailor in Outlook to become more productive, better organized and increase your professionalism.


Scott Lindsay actively promotes learning the computer, regardless of age, to better one’s life and circumstances and has helped thousands of people over the past 12 years to become better computer users. He can be reached at

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