Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

March 12, 2013
Take some responsibility

So according to Tooele County Commissioner Jerry Hurst, the top two reasons for having to let workers go from Deseret Peak/Parks and Recreation were Sequestration and declining federal payments. Citizens of Tooele County, please don’t buy this deflection of blame to such an easy target. Really, it’s Washington, DC that is the main reason 30 families and more are suddenly fighting to maintain their lives? Sequestration has been in effect, for what, two weeks and it’s already crippling just Tooele County? Surely it could not have been the $2 million convention center, or the $25 million detention center, all spearheaded by the current commissioners. Neither of which has come anywhere close to producing any profit — just the opposite, a huge drain on the budget with real human costs at the bottom line. Instead of learning any lessons from these ill-conceived and poorly thought out ventures, and taking responsibility for them, we instead get the federal government to blame. How convenient.

Mark Shipman


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