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February 28, 2017
Take your shot

Have some opinions on the future of Deseret Peak Complex? Speak up! 

If you have a constructive opinion or two about what should be done — or not done — with Deseret Peak Complex in the future, here’s your chance to take a shot.

On or before 5 p.m. Monday, March 6, the consulting firm that is developing a $57,000 master plan for Deseret Peak is accepting email or written comments from citizens about the facility’s future.

The request for those comments began on Feb. 15, during which Landmark Design of Salt Lake City, hosted a public Open House at the Tooele County Building. Citizens who attended saw a series of draft architectural renderings that show what Deseret Peak may look like years from now — taxpayers willing.

Those renderings primarily promote two options, the first of which uses Deseret Peak’s current site, plus existing county property on the south side of state Route 112 that is used for parking during Country Fan Fest, the country music concert held in July. The first option shows recreation facilities over time being moved to the county property south of SR-112, along with hotel/hospitality development, while the current Deseret Peak site would focus on fair activities, RV parking and museums.

The second option shows about 100 acres of private property east of Sheep Lane bought or swapped for other county land and developed for recreation and hotel/hospitality instead of the site south of SR-112. This option would require moving Sheep Lane’s intersection with SR-112 further east to make the new land contiguous with Deseret Peak’s existing property.

If you didn’t attend the open house, the renderings are on the county’s website at Look for the “Proposed Deseret Peak Recreation Complex Master Plan” tab on the home page.

Although the open house had a good turnout, the Tooele County Commissioners, who hired Landmark, hope to see more citizen comments come in to help finalize the master plan months from now.

Comments can be emailed to Written comments can be mailed to Landmark Design, 850 S. 400 West, Suite 104, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101. Landmark Design President Mark Vlasic said that even phoned-in comments at 801-474-3300 are welcome.

The effort is to give citizens plenty of opportunity to submit their views on Deseret Peak’s future, which likely are plentiful. Just a few years ago, the facility was often the target of citizen scorn while Tooele County government reeled from a budget crisis that resulted in county employee layoffs, department closures or consolidations, and tax increases.

There were calls for Deseret Peak to be mothballed or sold to save the county money. But instead of shutting it down, the commissioners got creative and found sponsors and volunteers to help keep it open, much to the delight of citizens who routinely use the facility.

As more residential rooftops appear across Tooele and Rush valleys, Desert Peak’s popularity will undoubtedly grow. The county commissioners are wise to have a baseline master plan created now in anticipation of future demands.

To help make the master plan more complete, citizens are urged to see the draft renderings and post a comment.

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