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October 24, 2017
Taking good care of our life’s roots will pay big dividends

“It will come back within a couple of weeks,” Mike said as we looked at the brown grass and stressed trees.

We were standing in the hot sun as we worked together to get a handle on a deepening water crisis during one of the hottest summers ever.

We had already done a lot of work and we had just finished what we hoped would be the final repairs to my struggling well. I knew Mike was right, but I thought it would take well into the next growing season to see any real results.

Long before water was refreshing my plants again, I had a conversation with Steve Culley.

“I need to suspend my fertilization until I have water to irrigate with,” I said to Steve when he returned my call. “I’m afraid I’ve lost most of my landscaping!”

As our conversation was coming to a close, he offered one more critical piece of advice.

“When you can water again, make sure you water late in the fall,” he said. “You’ve seen farmers watering their fields late in the fall because they know the importance of tending roots to keep them strong.”

I believed every word Steve said to me because I’d already seen his work make a profound difference in the health of my plants. And, when water began to grace my land again I, an already converted believer, became more convinced than ever.

Within one week of receiving good, regular irrigation, my plants began to look good again even with temperatures still above the century mark. I was amazed! Then, after two weeks, the plants began to look spectacular. Mike and Steve know their craft.  They’ve taught me a lot about the importance of paying attention to maintaining a strict regime of nourishment.  I’m grateful to be the recipient of their exceptional talents and knowledge and wanted to share it with you.

Here’s the root of what they’ve taught me about bouncing back quickly after severe stress.

First, we all receive strength from our individual wells. The well I’m talking about provides us with physical, mental and spiritual nutrition. We need to make sure our wells are sunk into the right sources so we can receive everything we need, especially during difficult times.

You’ve heard the saying about building on a rock?  Mike deepened my well until it was anchored in a base of gravel to be sure I had good, clean water. Some times, during times of struggle we may find that our wells aren’t set in the right strata. That’s when we may need to deepen or even move our wells to make sure we have the best flow possible. Make sure to set your personal well in the right places and maintain it. Dare I say well?

Second, Steve has shown me that even though my plants look good right now, they still need to be fertilized. Had I not provided my plants with the right nutrition on a regular basis, they never would have been strong enough to last through high heat and lack of water. Are you and I giving ourselves what we need to be strong in every basic category of our lives so we can weather life’s inevitable snags?

Finally, Mike and Steve have reaffirmed the universal truth, “you get what you give.”

“Creating Bounciness” in your life is all about personal root strength in this small, powerful truth. It’s about accurately seeing yourself as a whole person and creating strong, deep roots in your life.

When you and I focus on giving ourselves — our life’s roots — what we need to be complete, good things can happen again quickly, even when difficulties have taken their toll. Trouble simply reveals a need to fine-tune our personal well so sustenance can flow to us again. And, because we’ve followed a systematic and regular routine of individual nourishment, we can bounce back much more quickly than we could have ever imagined.

Lynn Butterfield lives in Erda and is a managing broker for a real estate company.

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