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March 13, 2012
Tax dollars shouldn’t be spent on DUI checkpoints

This letter is in regards to the article “Law enforcement fights bill to stop DUI checkpoints” published March 1 in the Transcript-Bulletin. I am a property owner in Tooele County and own more than a dozen home units that bring in tax revenue to the county. I am bewildered by the resources that are spent on my dime to provide law enforcement, yet I get nothing in return from their services. It is not that I am opposed to their fight against the bill, but that they serve their own purposes. I recently paid $15,000 for a mobile home that was never delivered and the department would not even look at my case. However, they do have the time to block traffic and delay hundreds of people, wasting their time and money. I have lived in six foreign countries and visited 30-plus countries, and this reminds me of almost communistic behavior toward the citizens. I understand the need to keep the roads safe, but at what expense to the time and travel of good people that can’t even get an enforcement agency to look into a case that involves a felony to them as the victim? Is it because we are the victims and not the state? It seems spending our money on a checkpoint, making things more and more like Nazism, is better business.

Nelson Moyle


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