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January 14, 2014
Telling and hypocritical

I find the comments made by “Attorney Baird” last month in your December 10th article about the lawsuit between Tooele City and “Tooele Associates” to be rather telling and hypocritical. I say hypocritical because he said he was not surprised, and that it was ‘hogwash’ that Tooele City would still consider appealing the judge’s decision.

The jury had heard the case, they had made their decision, and the judge agreed. What more is there to say? Why can’t the city let it go?

And yet, isn’t it interesting that he is appealing the jury’s decision that “Tooele Associates” owes Tooele City over $2 million. I thought he had just indicated that judges and juries don’t make mistakes!

Anyone remember the O.J. Simpson case? Without a doubt juries make mistakes all the time. They may not make procedural mistakes that can be overturned on appeal, but sometimes their decisions are just plain wrong.

The only thing I can figure from the article, is that if the jury agrees with Mr. Baird, they got it right, as always. If they disagree with him, they got it wrong, again!

Jon McCartney


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