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August 3, 2022
Terra Sherwood moves on

After 23 years with Tooele City, Sherwood moves to school district 

After 23 years working for Tooele City, Terra Sherwood left her position in July and now calls the Tooele County School District home where she is the communication specialist.

Sherwood started her new position on July 18.

“I was looking for a change and I jumped at the opportunity to work with Marie Denson at the school district,” Sherwood said. “I knew that I had much more to learn and that the school district was the place to do so.”

As the communication specialist, Sherwood will assist Denson, the director of communications, and will even get to do some graphic design, which she loves.

“It’s been good to meet new people and learn lots of new things,” Sherwood said.

Prior to working at the Tooele County School District, Sherwood began her professional career after graduating college from Southern Utah University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in communications with an emphasis in public relations and advertising, at Tooele City.

“From 1999 to 2015, I was the youth services coordinator,” she said. “It was a position within the parks and recreation department. I was tasked with finding meaningful recreation opportunities for families and youth.”

During her time as the youth services coordinator, Sherwood made an impact on Tooele City by working with the Tooele City 4-H garden club where she taught hundreds of children valuable gardening skills.

Sherwood also started the city’s family recreation program and brought the Boys and Girls Club to Tooele after she realized the city needed an afterschool program for youth.

“It’s exciting to see where the club is now,” Sherwood said.

In 2015, Sherwood took on a position as the assistant parks and recreation director.

“I still did a lot of events and programming there,” Sherwood said. “I spearheaded the Fourth of July celebration, which I had been a part of the whole time I had been at the city. We also implemented an online reservation system. Before that, if you wanted a reservation, we literally penciled you in. That was one of the bigger things I did during that time as assistant parks and recreation director.”

Sherwood also helped establish the Tooele Fourth of July triathlon and the Haunted Historic Park event in October during her time with the parks and recreation department.

In 2021, Sherwood took on the role as the city’s events and marketing administrator. She held this position until she transferred to the school district.

As the events and marketing administrator, Sherwood planned all of Tooele’s large scale events. She also reviewed special event permits, managed social media, and did graphic design.

During her time at Tooele City, there are a few individuals who have helped shape Sherwood’s career.

“I have worked with some really great people at Tooele City,” Sherwood said. “When I first started at the city, I worked for Larry Harison, the parks and recreation director at the time. He was the ultimate mentor and just an amazing man. He was so good about letting me do what I felt was the best thing to do but he was always there to answer questions. If I would ask him a question, he would always ask me if I had thought about this or that. He never said, ‘This is what you have to do.’ Larry was amazing at that.”

Sherwood also looked up to Kathy Bell, former parks and recreation director and Patrick Dunlavy, former Tooele mayor.

Although Terra is known for her professionalism and planning skills, she enjoys her time off of work.

“I love spending time with my family. We do a lot of things outdoors. I also love to garden and work in my garden. I love to read. If I have a few spare minutes or any time to myself, I am reading. I really like to read fiction and historical fiction,” Sherwood said.

Each morning Sherwood writes in a journal she carries around in her purse.

“I try to start off the day with a positive quote every day,” she said. “It gives me something to focus on…At the end of the day I get it back out and reflect on it again. I’m not always good at remembering it, but when I do, I really think it makes a difference.”

Sherwood believes if everyone would take time to listen to others, the world would be a better place.

“I feel like if I am listening, I am making a difference,” she said. “I really do try to listen to people and find ways to help them.”

Right now, Sherwood has no future plans set in stone, except spending time with her family and spending the rest of her working career at the school district.

“I have really enjoyed working in the public sector and that’s why I have chosen to remain there,” Sherwood said about her career. “I really do love going to work each day knowing I’m doing something beneficial to the community we live in.”


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