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March 23, 2021
Thank and water worries in Lake Point

Greetings from Lake Point, Utah

Item#1 Lake Point Proud

We are sending out a huge thank you to all the people who organized and participated in the clean up of the trash that had been dumped east of the railroad tracks above Lake Point.

It was a significant amount of garbage that had been left up there for others to work hard, clean up, and pay for. It is disgusting to see the amount of garbage that is strewn about the county by those who have no respect for the communities that we all share. To those that litter, take responsibility and help the rest of us by taking your junk to the county dump.

Item #2 Regarding water rights in Tooele Valley

In the Feb. 25, 2021, issue of the Tooele Transcript Bulletin, in the Flashback article, it stated that in February 1996 the state Engineer, Robert Morgan, visited Tooele Valley to inform the public that he was closing the valley to all new groundwater appropriations. This policy would be in effect until a study was completed to determine the groundwater sources of the valley, he said.

This policy is still in effect today, 25 years later, due to the fact that the amount of water is limited.

We live in a desert with the statewide drought and the lack of snow affecting the situation. I am particularly concerned with the Lake Point area as the engineers have determined that our aquifer and water supply is not connected with the rest of the valley. Therefore, when our water source is depleted, we are on our own, with the possibility of drawing in salt water underground from the lake.

As the number of homes has grown considerably from the 90 that were listed here in 1996, we should all be worried. 

For the new families that are being serviced by the Oquirrh Water Company, the water source is the same for you as for those of us on individual wells. The continued growth in the Lake Point area has not even started, according to the land developers that control the lifestyle and the future of Lake Point.

Colleen C. Garrard

Lake Point

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