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February 25, 2020
Thank goodness for libraries

The State of the City messages from Tooele Valley mayors were a fine opportunity for me to reflect on how tax dollars are spent to provide needed services. Some of those services can be taken for granted over time. Our libraries are one such service. We just expect them to be there when we need them. Both cities have outstanding libraries with equally outstanding directors and boards that deeply care about the improvement of our citizens. 

Libraries are special places for learning and relaxing. They are important venues for culture and research. A Deseret News article recently pointed out that libraries are visited by more of us than even sporting events. Their services are broad, friendly and free. Libraries make a statement about what is important to a city and its residents as do good schools, roads, parks, police and fire departments, etc.

My thanks to Mayors Marshall and Winn, along with their city councils, for their support of the excellent libraries in Grantsville and Tooele. A few years ago, the kindness of Tooele’s leaders marked the beginning of our new Grantsville Library. These beautiful institutions add much to the quality of life and well being of the good people who live here in the valley. They strengthen our thinking and actions. Libraries make positive contributions in a myriad of important ways. Thank goodness we have them.

Corey W. Grua


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