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February 1, 2022
Thank you Sen. Lee

The technological advancements developed by American tech companies have transformed the way that we live. Through years of innovation, these companies have become dominant in the online marketplace. Despite the array of useful services tech companies provide, the Senate is debating legislation that is intended to damage and tear down big tech companies.

The Senate Committee on the Judiciary has approved the American Innovation and Choice Online Act, which could force big tech companies to alter their services. The American Innovation and Choice Online Act would outlaw self-preferencing, the practice that allows millions of Americans to use features such as Apple Maps or Amazon Prime’s two-day shipping. Self-preferencing has not only made life more convenient for millions of users but has also allowed big tech companies to safely secure their users’ private information.

Outlawing self-preferencing gives foreign competitors the opportunity to enter the United States’ online marketplace and access Americans’ personal information. Tech companies would lose the ability to innovate to the extent that they could without these laws in place. In addition, foreign countries could control substantial portions of technology in the United States.

Senator Mike Lee saw the risks and chose to act against the American Innovation and Choice Online Act by voting “no” in committee. He considered the millions of Americans that utilize the services that big tech companies provide and acted to allow users to continue to safely use the online services that they have become accustomed to. Thank you, Senator Lee, for prioritizing your constituents’ needs!

Jimie Guzman


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