Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

June 8, 2021
Thank you Tuff Excavation

Living in the Overlake Development has become harder over the last year as we are seeing new developments going in on the north, south, east and west of our neighborhood.

Also, living on the south end of the development, we’ve seen a big uptick in traffic as the only street that has a mostly direct route from the east to the west.  

We’ve tried to adjust to this and encouraged the cars to slow down due to the many small children who play on our street.

A few weeks ago, there started to be a huge number of dump truck loads passing along our street, which was alarming. It made life very uncomfortable for the residents on our street, with the continual noise of big trucks going back and forth almost every 5-15 minutes and the worry about the small children who play outside.

On the second day of this constant back and forth, we followed the trucks to see where they were going. They were going between two Richmond Homes building sites, the one of the east and the one on the west of Overlake.

We kindly asked the first truck driver we stopped if they could change their route to go up to 2000 North and down 400 West. We expressed our concern over the small children on our street. The truck driver very kindly said, he had small children too, and they would stop going through the neighborhood and take the other route. He contacted the rest of the drivers and we had peace again on our little street.

I’m writing to say a big THANK YOU to Tuff Excavation of Erda for being so kind to us and changing their route. It takes them a little bit more time, but has made a huge difference in ours.  

How often does a company listen and then make a change? Well they sure did! Kudos to you Tuff Excavation for being a good neighbor to our little neighborhood.

Kari Scribner and other families in Overlake on 1380 North


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