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March 1, 2016
Thanks to Jim’s Family Restaurant

I would like to publicly thank the owners and staff of Jim’s Family Restaurant for the friendly and affordable meals they serve to the public in general and specifically to the senior population. My husband and I used to drive to Grantsville Senior Center daily for our main meal and to support the center. Although payment is on the volunteer basis, we never ate without paying the suggested $3 a meal. Quality of food declined so badly that everyone began to complain, including myself. I was told by one of the Tooele Administrative staff that I had two choices. I could eat the food or stay home and prepare my own. I, like so many others, have found a third choice. We go to Jim’s, order a meal, and tell them we would like to share it. The staff never says anything, but either brings our meal split on two plates or comes with the meal in one hand and an extra plate in the other. If we order what is on special and they give the senior discount, other than the extra charge for beverage and tip, the meal costs about the same as we would have donated for meals that were no larger and not nearly as good. We have come to love our servers and eat there nearly daily as we see so many other seniors doing now. Please know how much so many of us appreciate your service even if we fail to tell you personally.

Joan Colvin

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